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Series Description: Many Christians today do not fully understand what it means to fear God. While it does not mean we are supposed to be frightened of Him, it instead means we should be holding Him in the highest esteem and recognize the supremacy of His position in our lives. In The Blessings of Taking God Seriously, Dr. Tony Evans answers the question of why we should fear God and how fearing God can bring to your life a multitude of spiritual benefits.

#1 – The Blessings of Spiritual Insight (Isaiah 55:6-11): Have you ever seen how God works and wondered, “What in the world are You doing?” If so, look no further than this lesson where Tony Evans will talk about the first of many benefits of fearing God: spiritual insight. Discover how spiritual insight can show you what God is doing in order to enable you to do what you should be doing.

#2 – The Blessing of Spiritual Wisdom (Proverbs 2:1-6): The Bible says that the ability to make good decisions is called wisdom. In the lesson, Tony Evans takes a look at the book of Proverbs to explain how we might acquire spiritual wisdom—wisdom that can only be acquired from God. Learn how obtaining spiritual wisdom won’t necessarily remove all of your problems, but rather enable you to handle your problems spiritually and efficiently.

#3 – The Blessing of Spiritual Productivity (Psalm 128:1-6): All of us know someone who is living an unproductive life. That life may even feel like your own. But Tony Evans says that God wants to give you the blessing of spiritual productivity. Learn how to receive God’s blessing and become both personally and spiritually productive in this lesson.

#4 – The Blessing of Divine Mercy (Psalm 103:8-18): While justice is getting what you deserve, mercy, on the other hand, is not getting what you deserve. We serve a just God, but we also serve a God full of mercy. Join Tony Evans as he discusses one of the greatest gifts we will receive from anywhere: God’s everlasting mercy.

#5 – The Blessing of Divine Deliverance (Psalm 34:1-7): Life is full of crises and difficulties that produce insecurity, struggle and fear. But in the book of Psalms, David says to redirect your fears from the problem to the Lord. Join Tony Evans as he discusses how when you look away from your circumstances and instead look at the One who can fix them, your fears will never win.

#6 – The Blessing of Provision (Psalm 34:8-10): We have all faced times where we have worried about whether or not God is going to come through. It might be worrying about your job security or how you might pay the bills that month. But Tony Evans wants to remind of you the provision of God and that if God might not show up when you think you need Him to, it’s just that He’s already up to something greater than you can imagine.

#7 – The Blessing of Spiritual Development (Philippians 2:12-18): Going to the doctor for a prescription isn’t worth anything if you don’t care enough to take the prescribed medicine. Similarly, Tony Evans says God knows how to measure whether or not we value our salvation based on whether or not we care enough to develop our salvation. Discover how and why God wants to mature your salvation in this lesson on the blessing of spiritual development.

#8 – Blessing of Spiritual Restoration (Jonah 1:1-9): Just as old furniture needs to be sanded in order to be restored for its intended purpose, God sometimes, puts us in rough situations that we cannot fix in order to bring us back to His will. God has a big plan for you, and He doesn’t want you missing out on it, even if you might be running from it. In this lesson on the story of Jonah, find spiritual restoration from fearing God no matter how far you have strayed.