Living Above the Circumstances, Vol 2 - CD Series

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Living Above the Circumstances, Vol 2 - CD Series

This two-volume compilation explains how to get more out of life no matter what your situation looks like. You'll discover how God cares for you and meets your needs as you overcome fear, worry, anxiety and some of the thorniest problems life can throw at you. These 15 powerful messages will help you discover the peace, confidence, and emotional fulfillment God wants you to enjoy.

Messages Include:

  • Be Happy, Don't Worry - Philippians 4: 4-9
  • Freedom from Fear - Matthew 14:22-33
  • God Meets Your Emotional Needs - Psalm 23:1-6
  • Jehovah Shalom: The Lord Our Peace - Judges 6:19-24
  • Overcoming Emotional Strongholds - Psalm 42:1-11
  • Overcoming People Strongholds - Galatians 1:3-10

Be Happy, Don't Worry (Philippians 4: 4-9) - We can't control the future or even see the future, but that doesn't stop us from worrying about it. Dr. Evans explains how you can put a stop to that pointless and sinful habit in this lesson about trading in worry for happiness.

Freedom from Fear (Matthew 14:22-33) - We all feel afraid from time to time; that's natural. But this lesson by Dr. Evans focuses on how to keep moving forward in faith, even when fear tries to stop us in our tracks. Along the way, you'll discover why it takes more than just courage to overcome fear.

God Meets Your Emotional Needs (Psalm 23:1-6) - Christians experience emotional pain just like anybody else, but Dr. Evans says that sometimes, we're just better at hiding it. In this lesson, he explains how God can heal those hurts and meet our emotional needs in healthy ways.

Jehovah Shalom: The Lord Our Peace (Judges 6:19-24) - When you take stock of what's going on in your life, Dr. Evans says that your perception depends on your perspective. So, in this lesson, he explains how you can see life from a more peaceful point of view by adding focus to your faith.

Overcoming Emotional Strongholds (Psalm 42:1-11) - Our emotions can take us high or lay us low. But when you've been down so long that you can't get up, Dr. Evans says you may be dealing with a stronghold. In this lesson, he talks about how to break free from feelings that have been holding you captive.

Overcoming People Strongholds (Galatians 1:3-10) - There's an old song about people who need people being lucky. But Dr. Evans says that it's possible to need them too much, and become so intent on pleasing others that you stop pleasing God. In this message, he explains how to satisfy your need for approval and acceptance in a healthier way.