America: Turning A Nation to God (Race, Culture..)

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Series Description:

We live in a shattered world. The issues of racism, bigotry and secular influence run rampant. But through it all, God still has a kingdom where class nor background cause its citizens to lose sight of their common purpose. In this series, Tony Evans looks at several topics surrounding our broken world in hopes of providing you with answers to share with those who may not know where to find them. Explore Biblical truths such as how God views discrimination, the power of His Word over your strongholds, and how He intervenes in unexpected ways to bring whole nations back to Him.

America: Turning a Nation to God (2 Chronicles 15:3-6): Whenever we end up face-to-face with a crisis, our first instinct is to assume that it is the devil at work. But sometimes, God is the one who will let things get bad enough in order to cause us to seek Him out as the only solution. In this lesson, Tony Evans looks at the passive wrath of God that befell a nation who chose to seek their own ways over His.

Poison in the Pot (2 Kings 4:38-44): There’s an old saying that states, “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.” Just like the one bad apple ruins the bunch, Tony Evans says trying to mix the world’s ideals with God’s ways will simply cancel out God. If you’ve found your life rotted and tarnished by the world’s influence, discover the power of the Word of God strong enough to overwhelm any poison the world has caused.

Race, Culture and Christ (John 4:1-9): If all of humanity is created in the image of God, then that means all of humanity is equally important to Him. When it comes to the cross, God won’t look at your culture, class, background or history; the only thing He’ll see is a sinner in need of a Savior. In this lesson, Tony Evans discusses God’s view of race, culture, and class, and how your identity exists solely in Christ who died for you.

The Divine Imperative (Micah 6:8): Maintaining a balance in your Christian walk can be very difficult. On one hand, being too heavenly-minded will make you no earthly good, while on the other hand, being too earthly-minded means you are no heavenly good. But true balance occurs when you can bring good to earth through your heavenly mindset. Learn more about maintaining the Biblically-based balance that Tony Evans likes to refer to as “The Divine Imperative.”

The Power of Unity (John 17:13-24): Before the day of His arrest, Jesus prayed a prayer over His disciples that would contain a life-transforming secret to this very day. In this lesson, Tony Evans dives into the secret of unity—the same oneness Jesus had with His Father that we can have with each other. Discover how unity is not making everyone the same, but everyone going in the same direction to achieve a common purpose.