Encountering God's Promotion -MP3 (Divine)

Throughout the Bible, when well-known figures encounter God, it is almost always when their circumstances are out of kilterthat is to say, things aren’t exactly normal. But God loves to show Himself when things don’t make sense and wants you to go from the position of knowledge about Him to an experience with Him. In Divine Encounters, Dr. Tony Evans will take you through several scenarios in Scripture where heroes of the Bible encounter God’s power and promises amidst the chaos in their lives.

#1 – Divine Encounters (Exodus 3:1-14): One of the greatest encounters with God in the Bible is the story of Moses and the burning bush. But the thing that caught Moses’ eye was not merely the fire itself, but that the fire was not consuming the bush on which it dwelt. In this lesson on Moses’ divine encounter with God, experience how He can speak to you through the use of a contradictory situation.

#2 – Encountering the Power of God (Exodus 14:1-23): When you find yourself facing a dilemma, you feel like you’re in a dead-end situation—that is, you’re between a rock and a hard place. The Israelites wound up in a dilemma when they found themselves between the Red Sea and an Egyptian army. In this lesson on one of the most noted stories in Israel's history, experience the kind of divine encounter with God that happens in the midst of a dilemma.

#3 – Encountering God’s Promise (Genesis 22:1-18): Has it ever felt like God did not keep His promises? Though we know He cannot lie, there still exist instances where what He said and what you see do not seem to add up. When God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, He was asking him to give up the very thing that God had promised. In this lesson, discover how when God wants to give you an encounter with Him, it just might come with a test for you to pass.

#4 – Encountering God’s Provision (1 Kings 17:8-16): Have you ever experienced a time where God didn’t come through when you needed Him to? Tony Evans says there are several reasons why God allows His people to enter into circumstances where provision is lacking. Learn how when we abandon God and look to our own resources, we end up blocking the provision that God wants to give to us and through us.

#5 – Encountering God’s Promotion (Daniel 3:1-30): When you receive a promotion at work, you are lifted from one level to a higher level. God wants to give you a promotion, but it doesn’t always come without a trial. Join Tony Evans in this look at the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego as well as the divine encounter they received when forced to choose between God and societal norms.

#6 – Encountering God’s Process (Genesis 32:24-32): For you to have a divine encounter with God, there is a process that must first take place. Tony Evans says that until you become stripped of your self-sufficiency, God often remains a distant concept instead of a dynamic reality. If you’re still waiting on a spiritual breakthrough, learn the importance of giving up your independence to enable you to experience a new level of His reality.  

#7 – Encountering God’s Cure (2 Kings 5:1-14): The Bible is full of characters who found themselves stuck in a situation that nobody but God could fix. In this lesson, Tony Evans will take a look at the life of Naaman who had a disease for which there was no cure. But when there’s no worldly solution that can help, you’ll learn that’s exactly how God will take you to the next level of where He wants you to be.

#8 – Encountering God’s Miracles (Acts 9:36-43): There’s a specific order of operation when it comes to enacting Biblical love: God first, others second and yourself last. When you learn to live out this principle in your everyday life, Tony Evans says that’s when you’ll find yourself positioned for encountering a miracle from God. In this lesson, experience the stories of two women in the Bible who found miracles in hopeless situations by following the divine order of commitment.