#Third: Receiving Back the Love You Give - CD Series

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#Third: Receiving Back the Love You Give - CD Series

We’re all familiar with the commandment, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.” But the command that comes afterward should never go unnoticed, either: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In Third: Receiving Back the Love You Give, Dr. Tony Evans focuses on the two words, “as yourself," as he examines the significance and benefits of following God's structure of love: God first, others second, yourself third.

#1 – Activating the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:7-12): Growing up, you were probably taught the golden rule from your parents or while going to Sunday school: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Tony Evans says that God treats this rule much like a boomerang—whether good or bad, what you throw is bound to come back to you. Discover the selflessness that God wants you to possess and the blessings that are sure to follow.

#2 – Positioning Yourself for a Miracle (Acts 9:36-43): Have you ever been told that if you follow Jesus and do good works, nothing but good health is sure to follow? Tony Evans wants to remind you that this statement can’t be further from the truth. In this lesson, experience the stories of Tabitha and Hannah and how God allowed their circumstances to get worse before He could show up and show out.

#3 – How to Handle a Crisis (2 Kings 4:1-7): When your car breaks down, you go to a mechanic for repairs. When your clothes become torn, you visit a tailor for patch-ups. But where do you go when your life begins to collapse? Tony Evans says a crisis is when you find yourself helpless and you’ve lost all hope. But God only needs a little to do a whole lot, and you may find that in fixing your crisis, He’ll address something much bigger than just you.

#4 – The Faith that God Chooses (Isaiah 58:1-12): Just like you go to the doctor to give you a prescription for your health problems, God wants to be the doctor you go to for a prescription for life’s problems. But all too often we find ourselves still wanting divine results after bypassing His prescription or making our own. Learn how God can repair the brokenness in your life, but He only does it using what He prescribes is best for us.