The Power of the Holy Spirit's Names- Study Guide

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Who Is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit plays the incredible role of both empowering the individual believer and the corporeal church—and as you study this awe-inspiring identity of the Trinity’s third member, you gain a clearer understanding of our omnipotent triune God.

With The Power of the Holy Spirit’s Names Workbook, Dr. Tony Evans leads you on an in-depth exploration of the Spirit’s characteristics, duties, and mission among mankind. You’ll take a closer look at some of the titles of the Spirit examined in The Power of the Holy Spirit’s Names and appreciate how He influences and inspires your faith in Christ.

Written to be used in tandem with The Power of the Holy Spirit’s Names DVD, this guide provides a dynamic growth experience for individuals and small groups alike. Let this workbook help you discover profound and uplifting truths about the One described in Scripture as Wind and Fire, Intercessor, and Power.