Spiritual Warfare, Vol 1 - CD Series

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Spiritual Warfare, Vol1 - CD Series

Series Description: War is upon us, but it does not exist between countries or governments. There is an invisible battle between Satan’s demonic host and Jesus Christ’s heavenly host—and our planet is the battlefield. In this series by Dr. Tony Evans, identify the enemy’s tactics, and discover the weapons God has provided to you. Conquer your enemy, and become victorious today.

#1 – The Nature of the Battle (Ephesians 6:10-12): There is no battle you can think of that can compare to the daily battle of spiritual warfare. Because this battle will affect everything and everyone in your life, Tony Evans wants to prepare you for the fight by taking a look at the spiritual solutions provided to us through Scripture.

#2 – The History of the Battle (Ezekiel 28:11-19): The reason there are so many casualties in spiritual warfare is that we forget that we are in a constant battle. In this lesson, Tony Evans discusses the origin of this spiritual battle and how it came to be because of the judgment that Satan incurred.

#3 – The Expansion of the Battle (Genesis 3:1-6): Just as a sports team visits a competitor’s field, we are born into this world while Satan holds home-court advantage. Though Scripture says the whole world lies in the hands of the evil one, coming to Jesus Christ means you are born again into yet another world: the kingdom of God.

#4 – The Scope of the Battle (Daniel 10:7-14): There are too many Christians who attend church on Sunday for something more resembling a party or a parade rather than learning how to go to war with the enemy. In this lesson, discover the four major areas in which Satan operates and how you can combat the enemy with warfare prayers. 

#5 – The Basis of Authority (Colossians 2:9-15): Where do we find authority to wage spiritual battles victoriously? Where can we go to find shelter from Satan’s ever-present attacks? Tony Evans calls these questions of authority. In this lesson, learn how Jesus Christ has given you an authority under Him that you never knew to be possible.

#6 – The Agency of Authority (Matthew 16:13-19): Some may believe that church is a building or a program, but Scripture calls it a community that believes Christ is Lord. In this lesson, learn about the spiritual authority that Christ placed in the church and how a church can legitimately exercise its role of influence in culture when placed under His authority.