Meaningful Manhood, Vol 1 - CD Series

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Meaningful Manhood, Vol1 – CD Series

This collection of Tony Evans' most popular messages on biblical manhood teaches husbands and fathers how to step up to the challenge of leading with authority while at the same time providing an atmosphere of peace, productivity and protection for the family God has given them to love. It empowers men to look past the phony images of masculinity that society manufactures and discover how to be the loving leader that a wife and family would want to follow.

Messages include:

Portrait of a Real Man – Genesis 18:11-19
Jacob: the Deceiver God Used – Genesis 32:24-32
Returning to Biblical Manhood – Exodus 34:23-24
The Spiritual Patriarch – 1 Chronicles 7:40
Husbands Role in the Home – Ephesians 5:25-33
Becoming Your Wife's Savior – Ephesians 5:25

Portrait of a Real Man (Genesis 18:11-19) - It takes a lot more than a woman or a workout to make a man more manly. In this lesson, Dr. Evans paints a biblical picture of true masculinity and discusses why it’s important for men to work their way into peak shape spiritually.

Jacob: the Deceiver God Used (Genesis 32:24-32) - There's an old saying that goes, "cheaters never prosper." This lesson focuses on one who did, once God took him through a process of challenge, change, and growth. Tony Evans explores how God can use hard times to prepare men to benefit from his blessings and become the leaders they were meant to be.

Returning to Biblical Manhood (Exodus 34:23-24) - Nobody wants to follow a leader who's lost… especially if he's supposed to be the spiritual head of a household. So, in this lesson, Tony Evans offers some important advice to men who need to stop in their tracks and get some spiritual directions.

The Spiritual Patriarch (1 Chronicles 7:40) - Tony Evans explains that there’s more to being "head of household" than checking a box on your tax form. He reviews the job description that goes along with that title and offers suggestions on how to carry it out.

Husbands Role in the Home (Ephesians 5:25-33) - Men, if your wife isn't the woman you'd hoped she'd be, Tony Evans suggests that you start making some changes... in yourself. This lesson focuses on the reason why most husbands' approach to marriage is upside down.

Becoming Your Wife's Savior (Ephesians 5:25) - Husbands, if there's trouble in your marriage, it's just possible that there isn't enough "dying" going on in your relationship. Tony Evans will explain as he talks about what it really means to love your wife "as Christ loved the church."