#Love Will Overcome - CD Series

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#Love Will Overcome - CD Series

During this season when sensitivities are high and wounds are fresh, may the church of Jesus Christ lead the way in promoting prayerful peace, comfort and unity, starting in God's house and then overflowing into the culture. May we truly learn to operate on the biblical principle of oneness, filled with compassion toward the hurting and openness toward those whose opinions and life experiences may differ from our own.

The kingdom solution to racial division and the key to reconciliation in general is to be committed to the truth. In this special compilation of past messages from Dr. Tony Evans, the issue of race and unity is addressed from a biblical viewpoint. These sermons are great for personal and/or group use.

#1 – Sin of Racism (Galatians 2:11-21) - Tony Evans says we've excused racial bias in our society and our churches far too long. He explains how God's people can lead the way toward repentance and reconciliation and start healing the deep divides that are tearing our country apart. When Christians unite as the church of Jesus Christ—race, class or cultural lines will not matter.

#2 – Dreaming with the King (Revelation 5:6-10) - Just because we can't know the future doesn't mean we shouldn't be looking and working toward it. Tony Evans talks about the importance of dreaming big, godly dreams about justice and equality, especially in light of the tragic news from our communities.

#3 – Cultivating An Authentic Community (Ephesians 2:14-22) - Sometimes the biggest obstacle to close church fellowship is the people we have to fellowship with. How can we blend diverse people into a close-knit family of faith? Tony Evans explains how we can do this and cultivate an authentic community even across cultural and racial lines.

#4 – The Cultural Christian (John 4:19-24) - Racism seems like a problem that just won't go away. But Tony Evans says that's because we've been putting all our energy into solutions that won’t work. Discover from him the only sure-fire way to heal the racial and cultural divisions that separate people both inside and outside the church.

#5 – The Unified Church (Acts 3:12-17) - Can one person make a difference? Absolutely! But nothing can beat a group of people with a common bond and a common goal. Tony Evans explores ways to become that kind of committed community and the power of a united church.

#6 – Overcoming Discrimination Strongholds (James 2:1-13) - Even Christians who believe we're all equal under God can treat some people like they're "more equal" than others. Listen as Tony Evans discusses how to overcome discrimination and learn why fairness ought to begin within the family of God.

#7 – Heaven's New Community (Ephesians 2:11-22) - There's an old joke about people who are eager to get to Heaven even though they'll be spending eternity with people they don’t like on Earth. But Tony Evans says that can change once we understand what “new life” really means.

#8 – The Power of Oneness (2 Chronicles 5:11-14) - A kingdom perspective opens our eyes, hearts, and minds to see ourselves, and each other, as God sees us. By embracing our diversity in Christ, we form a more perfect union. Tony Evans examines the topics of unity, cultural and church history, the kingdom, social justice, and outreach.