Like No Other: The Life of Christ DVD Bible Study Kit

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Jesus Christ is central to the Christian faith. That statement may seem obvious, but even Christians need a constant reminder that everything in our faith is built upon the person and work of Jesus Christ. Every aspect of Jesus' life-from His birth to His current exalted state-is unique from any other person. His uniqueness means His life and character merit our fullest attention, and because He is uniquely God, His life and character greatly impact our lives. (8 sessions)

Like No Other Leader Kit includes a Group Member Book and DVD with eight short teaching videos featuring Dr. Tony Evans, promotional videos, and promotional tools such as Powerpoint slides, web banners, and leader articles. Kit also includes leader's guide with commentary.

Session titles:

  1. Promised Like No Other (Isaiah 53:2-12)
  2. A Birth Like No Other (Luke 1:26-35)
  3. Power Like No Other (Mark 4:35-41)
  4. Teachings Like No Other (Mark 1:21-22; 10:17-22)
  5. Death Like No Other (Matthew 27:28-31, 45-50,54)
  6. Resurrected Like No Other (Matthew 28:1-10) Ascended Like No Other (Acts 1:3-11)
  7. Exalted Like No Other (Ephesians 1:7-10, 18-23) 

Kit Includes:

  • Group Member Book
  • 1 DVD-ROM


  • Teaching videos Biblically rooted and gospel-centered content
  • Leader material (environment, guides to questions with optional questions and activities, general leadership, etc.)
  • Life application-based, topical studies 
  • Streamlined experience Commentary and word study