Joseph: Detours to Destiny - CD Series

Joseph: Detours to Destiny - CD Series

Series Description: We all know the feeling of driving towards our intended destination only to find that road construction or an accident requires us to take a less convenient route. God also has a destination for you, and it’s called your destiny. But God does not take us directly from where we are to where He wants us to be. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he takes a look at the detours God places in our lives in order to prepare us for the purpose He has in store.

#1 – The Purpose of Detours (Genesis 37:1-11): Wouldn’t it be great if God could lead you right to the earthly calling He had in store for you? Unfortunately for us, God rarely takes his children to their destiny in the way they might expect. Tony Evans says that in order to fully experience God’s destiny for you, you need to understand the detours He might provide along the way. In this lesson, discover how God uses Joseph’s biggest detour yet in order to begin developing the plans He has in store for him.

#2 – The Pattern of Detours (Genesis 39:1-9): Life is full of detours. Tony Evans says if you’re not currently in a detour, then you either just came from one or are about to head into one. But detours have a pattern that you can look for if you find you’re not where you had planned to be. In this lesson, learn about the three patterns that detours possess to help get yourself back on the main route.

#3 – The Proof of Detours (Genesis 39:19-23): God chooses to take our lives on detours because He is up to something good. But how do we know for sure if it is really God’s detour and not just bad luck? Tony Evans says there are four proofs you can always count on to assure yourself you’re on God’s detour. Discover what they are in this lesson on the proof of detours.

#4 – The Promotion of Detours (Genesis 41:1-16): All detours must come to an end, but how can you tell when you’re getting off of the detour and back onto the main highway of your destiny? Tony Evans says the exit of your detour comes when your preparation connects with God’s purpose. In this lesson, learn how to identify your exit in order for you to further pursue God’s purpose for you.

#5 – The Detours of Providence (Genesis 50:15-26): When life is going well we attribute it as good luck, and when life is going poorly we refer to it as bad luck. But Tony Evans wants you to walk away from the idea of luck and introduce you to a new word: providence. In this lesson, begin to view life’s detours not as luck, but instead as God arranging things to come together or disconnect for His will.

#6 – The Detours of Pardon (Genesis 50:15-26): If there is one thing that can keep you from the destiny that God wants to take you to, it’s unforgiveness. Tony Evans says too many of us are choosing to keep carrying the pain of the past. In this lesson, experience the freedom of forgiveness so that God can lead you to what He has in store for you.

#7 – The Detours of Provision (Genesis 50:15-26): Why does God seem to lead us in circles instead of just directly taking us to our destiny? Tony Evans says one reason is that God prepares the peopel that He wants you to impact when you arrive at your destination. In this lesson on the detours of provision, learn how arriving at your destiny will always involve benefiting those around you.

#8 – The Detours of Perspective (Genesis 50:15-26): Does it feel your journey never seems to end as you make your way towards your destiny? In this lesson, Tony Evans wants to motivate you in your walk by reminding you to keep the right perspective. While the enemy may attempt to make you forget God in your circumstances, the secret to spiritual success can be as simple as refusing to leave Him out of the equation.

#9 – Waiting on God (Psalm 27:13-14): Waiting for a long red light to turn green can be tough, but waiting on God to show up in your life can be a hundred times tougher. If you find yourself asking God, “What is taking so long?” over and over again, then this lesson is for you. Your unfulfilled dreams are not out of reach; it may just be God teaching you to not to look outside of Him for resolution.