#First - Returning God to His Rightful Place - CD Series

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#First - Returning God to His Rightful Place - CD Series

To live life to its fullest and to accomplish and experience all that God has created you to do, God and His kingdom must be first. God is not to be one among many; He is to be first. The problem in most of our lives today is that God is merely in the vicinity; He is not first.

What far too many Christians do is mix a little of God with a lot of the world. As a result, they wind up not experiencing any of God because His kingdom is not of this world. When God is given your first energy, thoughts, time, and emotions, you get to see heaven both rule and overrule in your life. Learn from Dr. Evans how to put God first in your life.

#1 – Loving God First (Revelation 2:1-7) - Jesus boiled down God’s law into two simple commandments: loving God with everything we've got, and loving others as ourselves. Discover why Christianity is about a relationship, not an activity.

#2 – Seeking God's Kingdom First (Matthew 6:25-34) - The Christian life begins when we choose Christ and it grows when we choose Christ first. Tony Evans explains why developing the right priorities will keep us too busy for fear and worry.

#3 – Choosing God First (Luke 9:57-62) - Salvation is a free gift from God with no strings attached. Learn why following Christ here on earth comes at a price that not everybody is willing to pay. Discover the difference between real discipleship and just "auditing" Christianity.

#4 – Experiencing God's Word First (2 Peter 1:16-21) - Reading the Bible is one of the most basic disciplines of the Christian life, but there is a difference between just reading the Book and experiencing the Word of God. Learn how Scripture can provide the light you've been looking for.

#5 – Giving to God First (1 Timothy 2:1-10) - Jesus talked more about finances than anything else besides salvation and eternity, but some modern-day Christians would rather not talk about the importance of putting God first with what they give. Learn how to put God first.

#6 – Communicating with God First (1 Timothy 2:1-10) - The prayer life of many Christians boils down to thanking God for meals and reciting a list of needs and wants. Tony Evans says there's a rich, rewarding, two-way relationship available when the Lord becomes your first priority instead of your last resort.

#7 – Prioritizing God's Son First (Colossians 1:9-20) - The old saying goes, "first things first" but discover why without the "first thing," none of the other things matter. Find out why Jesus is not just the key to Christianity, but your experience with God.