Believing is Seeing - CD Series

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Believing is Seeing - CD Series

Many of us have heard the phrase “seeing is believing.” But according to Tony Evans, if all you see is what you see, you do not see all there is to be seen. The spiritual realm truly exists, but getting a glimpse of that existence requires an active, living faith in the God who fashioned that faith. This eight-part series explores the power of faith in both seeing and benefitting from the work of God in the spiritual realm.

#1 – The Power of Unbelief (Matthew 17:14-21): These days, we hear a lot about the power of personal belief. What we don’t hear a lot of is the power of one’s own unbelief. But as Tony Evans explains, the littleness of one’s faith can still have profound repercussions.

#2 – Stop Blocking Your Miracle (John 11:38-46): Trying to make sense of God and how He operates is often a fruitless exercise. He tells us that His ways are not our ways, and once we begin to surrender our logic and start trusting Him, He can start working miracles in our lives.

#3 – Helping Us Believe (Mark 2:1-12): God works in our lives, both in the natural and the supernatural realms. Through our connection with others, God uses each of us to strengthen our faith so that we might have our eyes opened to what He is doing in our spiritual lives.

#4 – Heaven on Earth (Ecclesiastes 3-4): The power of faith does more than move mountains. It opens up the eyes of Christians to the spiritual realm and allows them to see the work of God through angels as well as the work of Satan through demons.

#5 – The Risk of Faith (Matthew 14:22-33): Believers in Jesus Christ have been given a measure of faith, but believing something on the inside with no outside response is a dead faith. Exercising our faith is a risk, one that requires us to act upon the belief that we hold within.

#6 – Trusting God In a Storm (Mark 4:35-41): Life can be unrelenting, and when the circumstances conspire to overwhelm us with sorrow, grief or frustration, it can seem as though God has fallen asleep on us. But it is in that helplessness that God wants us to trust that He will always see us through the gale.

#7 – Slow of Heart to Believe (Luke 24:25-35): Sometimes, we have a hard time believing in the promises of God or His presence in our lives, even when the evidence is right in front of us. To have faith like a little child opens us up to the heavenly realm, and we will “see” for the first time.

#8 – Seeing the Supernatural (Ephesians 1:17-20): At the heart of the matter, God wants us to be spiritually focused. From that focus comes the ability to see and experience all that God has prepared for us here on earth. It all starts with aligning ourselves toward Him and remaining obedient to His will.