Angels: Good Bad & Ugly, Vol 2 - CD Series

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Angels: Good Bad & Ugly, Vol 2 - CD Series

The angelic realm can be a mysterious place, but have you ever wondered what impact it has on your daily life? While God created angels to operate and function for His will and even our own good, Satan will use his fallen angels to wage spiritual warfare and cause havoc in your life. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he covers the good, the bad and the ugly of God’s past and present servants: the angels.

#7 – The Domination of Demons (Mark 5:1-17): The enemy seeks to dominate us in two ways: either by means of possession or means of oppression. But Tony Evans wants to remind you that Jesus has given you His authority over demons; all it takes is opening up your heart to Christ Jesus and allowing His authority to act as your own.

#8 – The Doctrine of Demons (1 Timothy 4:1-4): If you are living your life as an ungrateful person, you may be one who is living under demonic influence. In this lesson, Tony Evans touches on the importance of fully enjoying what God has provided to you and how demons want to make you measure your Christian life by what you cannot have or experience.

#9 – The Rebellion of Satan (Isaiah 14:12-14): Whether you’re experiencing pain, death, disease or destruction, all of these evils can be traced back to one source: Satan. In this lesson, Tony Evans walks you through the fall of Satan and how the sin of self-worship may be the cause of your own downfall.

#10 – The Character of Satan (Revelation 12:1-9): Names in the Bible were often tied to the character of a person as if it were their title. Just as Lucifer became Satan when he defied God, learn how rebelling against God might affect your character in this powerful lesson.

#11 – The Strategy of Satan (2 Corinthians 11:12-15): The strategy of Satan can be boiled down to one simple word: deception. In this lesson on the strategy of Satan, Tony Evans talks about Satan’s deceptive techniques in an attempt to deflect you from the will of God.

#12 – The Defeat of Satan (Revelation 20:1-10): During the fall of Satan, he made two fatal mistakes: he overestimated himself, and he underestimated God. Tony Evans says we can rejoice in knowing the enemy was defeated the very moment that he chose to rebel against God, for it is impossible to rebel against God and win.