A Lesson in Grace MP3 (John)

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Series Description: You've probably heard all about the life of Jesus Christ time and time again, but no one quite tells the story as John does. If the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke are said to have focused on discipleship, then the book of John is all about salvation and the magnificence of eternal life. Join Dr. Tony Evans in this comprehensive overview of the book written to inspire us to pursue the same fellowship and intimacy with Christ that His disciples possessed when they were with Him.

A Lesson in Grace
(John 1:1-42): While the book of Matthew sought to introduce us to the genealogy of Jesus, the book of John introduces us to Christ theologically. In this lesson, Tony Evans takes a look at the opening chapter of John as he discusses the Word in the beginning, the incarnation of Christ and the witness of John the Baptist.

A Lesson in Faith
(John 1:43–3:36): Have you ever told Jesus that you want more of Him? Well, Tony Evans says that’s really only half of the question—the other half being can He trust you with more of Him? Many Christians today see so little of Christ because they believe so little. Learn how Jesus will only let you experience as much of Him as He can trust you with and more in this lesson.

A Lesson in the Physical
(John 4:1–5:24): When Jesus went on long journeys, He would end up weary from travel because he was one-hundred percent man just as he was one-hundred percent God. In this lesson, an exhausted Jesus utilizes his physical needs in order to witness to an unlikely individual. Join Tony Evans as he takes a look at the woman at the well and the healing at Bethesda.

A Lesson in Scripture
(John 5:24-6:40): No matter how much you study Scripture or attend seminary, if you miss Jesus, you’ve missed the whole point. Tony Evans says the written Word was designed to lead us to the Living Word: Jesus Christ. Learn all about the irreplaceable connection that Jesus has to the Father along with the testimony of Christ that He is who He said He is.

A Lesson in Timing
(John 6:41–7:53): Common logic says that before you do something you should first understand why and how, but God's way is vastly different from ours. Tony Evans says that the desire to obey God's will must come before understanding what He wants you to do. It's a look at trusting that God's timing is perfect even if things don't seem to add up.

A Lesson in Truth
(John 8): You’re probably familiar with the infamous story of the woman caught in adultery and brought before Christ. But did you know she was brought by the Pharisees as an attempt to try and trick Jesus? You’ll learn how He responded to them and why as Tony Evans explores yet another collection of the profound teachings of Christ from the book of John.

A Lesson in Life
(John 9–10): When you choose to confess Jesus Christ as your savior, you will often find yourself in a position to be ostracized by those around you. But even in the times where it feels like a loss to be an outcast, Tony Evans wants you to remember that Jesus knows where you are and what you’ve been through because of your confession of Him. Explore the story of the blind man and many other valuable teachings in this lesson.