Come Worship the King - CD Series

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Come Worship the King - CD Series

It seems as if there are many kings people are worshiping: the king of rock and roll, the king of a monarchy or the king of basketball. The Bible tells us that there is only one King worthy of our worship. In this series we find that worship is not a Sunday pep rally, but an encounter with the Almighty God of the universe.

Messages Include:

  • The Concept of Worship – John 4:19-24
  • The Content of Worship – Exodus 24:1-11
  • The Corporateness of Worship – 1 Peter 2:4-12
  • The Compensation of Worship – Psalm 22:1-5

#1 – The Concept of Worship (John 4:19-24): Whenever Sunday rolls around at the beginning of the week, it’s important to remember that the reason we attend church is not merely because of what day it is, but rather to worship our risen Savior. In the midst of a bigger, better or even more biblical worship, sometimes, the true purpose for worship gets lost. In this lesson, Tony Evans explores the importance of worship and the impact it will make on your life when you adopt the right mindset. 

#2 – The Content of Worship (Exodus 24:1-11): If you were to bake a cake, choosing to skip any number of key ingredients such as eggs or flour would cause the resulting dessert to be much worse than its original design—maybe even rendering it entirely inedible. Well, worship can also be viewed like a recipe with its own essential ingredients you don’t want to miss out on. You’ll find out exactly what they are in this look at what makes up the content of worship.

#3 – The Corporateness of Worship (1 Peter 2:4-12): It’s an incredible blessing that many take for granted—being able to worship God wherever and whenever we want. But what many forget is that worship was never intended to be solely a private experience. Dr. Tony Evans says there is a whole new reality waiting to be experienced, and it starts when you learn to worship God publicly with your spiritual family. Discover how coming together with other believers to worship can open up entirely new avenues for God to work through in your life.

#4 – The Compensation of Worship (Psalm 22:1-5): When you put in the work at your job or workplace, it’s usually because you’re expecting a payout at some point that will make all of the labor worth its time. Well, you may be wondering what the reward is for making worship a way of living rather than just a Sunday morning activity, and Tony Evans wants to discuss exactly that. In this lesson, you’ll learn about six different compensations you can look forward to receiving when you develop your new lifestyle of worship.