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The Afterlife: Glimpses of Heaven & Hell - CD Series

The Afterlife: Glimpses of Heaven & Hell – CD Series

Series Descriptions:

What Happens When You Die? (Luke 16:19-31): It's a common belief that, upon death, each of our souls is laid to rest. But the soul is much more eternal in nature than some may think, and instead goes on where our bodies cannot. In this message, Tony Evans uses Scripture to explain what it means to die in order for us to properly understand the concept of the afterlife from a Biblical perspective.

What Is Heaven? (John 14:1-6): While some people may think that being passionate about life on earth is the key to fulfillment in heaven, Dr. Tony Evans says it may just be the opposite. If your view of heaven can greatly influence the quality of life, then it's important to have a proper understanding of all things related to heaven. In this message, Tony Evans seeks to clarify the concept of heaven by examining what Scripture has to offer.

What Is Heaven Like? (Revelation 22:1-9): While heaven can be immensely difficult to understand, God has given us a glimpse in His Word to help give us a picture of what to expect. In this message, Dr. Tony Evans looks at John’s book of Revelation in order to give us a taste of what heaven will be like. 

What Is Hell? (Matthew 25:41-46): When you place your faith in God through Christ alone, you are born again and become saved. But being saved loses a great deal of significance when you forget or disregard what you’ve been saved from, as Dr. Evans says many Christians have done. In this message, Tony Evans faces the truth of what God has to say about hell and why such a vital topic should not be avoided by believers.

What Is Hell Like? (Mark 9:42-48): If firemen decided to stop putting out fires, or policemen refused to put criminals in jail, they would simply not be taking their jobs seriously. Similarly, Tony Evans says that if he were to avoid discussing the realities of hell as written in the Bible, he would not be taking his pastoral responsibility seriously. In this message, Dr. Evans seeks to give you the Biblical description of hell in hopes of inspiring you to share the free gift of God’s grace to those who may not know it.