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Fasting for Healing - CD

Series Description: Do you need a spiritual breakthrough? In this dynamic and life-changing series, Tony Evans examines the power and process of fasting, which is giving up a physical desire for a greater spiritual need.


Fasting for Healing (Acts 9:9-19): There are many people who believe that God’s healing hand was only present in Biblical times. But the truth is that the healing miracles of God still happen all around us today. Whether you’re in need of physical or emotional healing, join Tony Evans as he discusses five key things that Scripture has to say about fasting for healing, as well as how we should spiritually respond if your circumstance doesn’t turn out the way you would have hoped.


Fasting for Guidance (Ezra 8:21-23): Throughout all of our lives, there will be a need for guidance. Whether you’re a student looking for your next class or you’re stuck between accepting two job offers, you need direction. Tony Evans wants to remind us that when we need to know which way to go, we should humble ourselves and uncover the power of fasting as we seek God.

Fasting for Revival (Joel 2:12-25): Just as an old home needs a new coat of paint, God wants us to undergo our own form of remodeling called revival. Join Tony Evans as he teaches how to experience an exciting and renewed understanding of God. 

Fasting for Ministry (Acts 13:1-5): Have you ever wondered how you would respond if God asked you in heaven, “What were you able to achieve on earth for My kingdom?” While the Bible has everything you need to know about the gifts and talents God gives His people, it’s up to you to use fasting and prayer to find His unique calling for your life. Go from functioning outside of God’s appointment for your life to inside as Tony Evans teaches on how to fast for your ministry.


Fasting for Intimacy (Luke 2:34-38): Have you ever felt like God seemed too far away? The disciples felt the same way after Jesus left. But even if we feel alone, God wants us to remember His promise to us that we are never alone. Rediscover your intimacy with God in this powerful lesson by Tony Evans.


Fasting for Justice (Isaiah 58:5-12): Not all fasting in the Bible is only for personal well-being. God also wants you to fast for the concern and safety of others. In this lesson, Tony Evans discusses what God has to say about fasting for the needs of others.

Fasting for Power (Luke 4:1-13): Sometimes it feels like you just can’t get rid of Satan and his temptations. This is because as long as we live in this world, we are in constant war with him. But God wants you to know He has given you power to win that fight every day. Join Tony Evans as he seeks to remind you how you can be a conqueror over the enemy through your unique access to Jesus Christ.