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Expecting God's Best in the New Year - CD Series

Expecting God's Best in the New Year - CD Series

Series Description: The new year is an excellent time for new beginnings, new goals andnew friendships. But as you move from the old year to the new, Tony Evans has some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that the same God who has always been with you will still be with you, and the bad news is that He probably has some pop quizzes in store for you that you might not know about. Prepare yourself for the new year and all of the blessings or trials that God might have in store for you with this series by Dr. Tony Evans.

#1 – Finishing Strong (2 Timothy 4:6-8): If Jesus were to come back today to take you home, would you be able to tell Him, “I have finished all that I need to do”? When your life is all said and done, the issue will not be how you started; it will be how you finished. In this lesson, be reminded no matter how bad your situation may be right now, there is still time to finish strong.

#2 – Beating the Odds in the New Year (Judges 3:31): Does it feel like the odds are just too heavily stacked against you as the year comes to an end? In this lesson, Tony Evans wants to tell you about the lesser-known Shamgar whose odds were against him 600 to 1 but was still able to come out on top. Discover three key principles that you can apply to your life in order to unlock the door to you beating any overwhelming odds.

#3 – Be Happy, Don't Worry (Philippians 4:4-9): Whether it’s personal issues, your financial situation or maybe a health crisis, life never ceases to provide something to worry about. But when Paul wrote the words, “Be anxious for nothing,” he was commanding us not to worry about our circumstances, whatever they may be. If that task feels near impossible, Tony Evans is here to walk you through conquering your worry with a word called “joy” that exists outside of your every situation. 

#4 – The Prayer of Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:9-10): Did you know that Jabez is only mentioned in two verses in the entire Bible? If he’s only mentioned twice, what could possibly make him so special? In this lesson, look into the widely-known prayer of Jabez and the four requests that He made to God in the midst of his suffering.

#5 – Time to Cross Over (Matthew 14:22-33): Have you ever been passionately pursuing God’s will for your life only to find yourself in the midst of a storm because of it? Well, Dr. Tony Evans says there are two reasons God allows storms in our lives: He’s righting a wrong, or He’s taking you to the next spiritual level. Discover the power of Christ that can take you to the other side of your trials and tribulations and lead to a whole new experience of your faith with Him.