The Lord's Prayer - CD Series

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The Lord's Prayer - CD Series

For many people, the concept of prayer is often seen as nothing more than a tedious yet necessary exercise of Christian life. But prayer is so much more than something to be marked off your daily checklist, and in The Lord’s Prayer, Dr. Tony Evans will examine the teachings of Jesus to show you how you can transform your prayer into an exciting opportunity of communication with God.

#1 – The Precautions of Prayer (Matthew 6:5-8): It’s difficult to overstate how praying in conjunction with other believers is such an important aspect of being a believer. But unfortunately, many people wind up relying too heavily on public prayer when praying behind closed doors is just as important. Uncover the benefits of when your private prayer life begins to outshine your public prayer life in this look at the precautions of prayer.

#2 – The Paternity of Prayer (Matthew 6:9): Have you ever wondered why we pray to God when He already knows what we’re going to say? Prayer is not telling God something He doesn’t already know, as some might think, but rather a reaching out in relationship to Him. Join Tony Evans as he shows you how developing a relationship with God as your heavenly Father can redefine your prayer life with Him.

#3 – The Program of Prayer (Matthew 6:10): There’s something about children and teens that loves to make them act like they own the place. But the reality is, if they’re under your roof, they’re under your rules. Well, God’s kingdom is no different, and He’s set guidelines by which His house operates that aren’t always easy to follow. However, you’ll soon learn how choosing to abide by the comprehensive rule of God is a choice with endless benefits that you’ll want to make.

#4 – The Priority of Prayer (Matthew 6:10): The will of God can be a mysterious thing for both old and new believers alike, but Tony Evans says that it doesn’t have to be. If you seek to understand the connection between surrendering to God and experiencing the visible manifestation of His kingdom in your life, this lesson will show you how the simple act of prayer can harmonize your will to become the same as your heavenly Father’s.

#5 – The Provision of Prayer (Matthew 6:11): Our God has a great many names—one of which is Jehovah Jireh which means “The Lord will provide.” But sometimes, it’s a little too easy to get caught up in the limitless provisions of the Father that we forget about the source which we are receiving from. In “The Provision of Prayer,” Tony Evans has three thoughts to share with you regarding our one and only true Source and Provider.

#6 – The Pardon of Prayer (Matthew 6:12): If there’s one thing that can hold you hostage to yesterday and ruin your tomorrow at the same time, it’s the chains of unforgiveness. But how can you forgive if the offense was just too great or if the offender never repented? Well, Tony Evans answers these questions and more in this lesson on how to give the true kind of forgiveness that can set you free.

#7 – The Protection of Prayer (Matthew 6:13): In the final words of the Lord’s prayer, Jesus ends His lesson of prayer given to His disciples with a request for protection—but from what? While Satan’s goal is to damage our fellowship with God by any means, Jesus combats that by sharing the importance of protection through prayer. In this lesson, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the enemy’s use of temptation as well as the protection we have from it through Christ.

#8 – The Purpose of Prayer (Matthew 6:13): Jesus closes the Lord’s Prayer with the famous doxology, “For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever. Amen.” In light of the rest of the Lord’s Prayer, we are led to praise. In this message, Tony Evans explains that we are looking forward to His kingdom. We recognize His power. And we give Him His deserved glory. And the praise will go on forevermore.