Let Go(d) - CD Series

Let Go(d) - CD Series

It’s an easy thing to begin to believe that each of us is in control of our own destiny. But if your life has ever gone off the tracks, you know that’s far from the truth. In the series Let Go(d) by Dr. Tony Evans, he’ll show you that whatever the circumstance, the best thing you can do is let go and let God take the reins.


Let Go(d) Message Include:


Trusting God in a Storm (Mark 4:35-41): Like an overpowering wind or driving rain, life can be unrelenting, to overwhelm us with sorrow, grief or frustration, it can seem as though God has fallen asleep on us. But it is in that helplessness that God wants us to trust that He will always see us through the gale.


The Power of Unbelief (Matthew 17:14-21): These days, we hear a lot about the power of personal belief. What we don’t hear a lot of is the power of one’s own unbelief. But as Tony Evans explains, the littleness of one’s faith can still have profound repercussions.


Reversing Addiction Consequences (John 8:31-36): Addiction is one of the world’s greatest cripplers. If you find yourself wrestling with an addiction to alcohol, drugs or some other vice, Tony Evans wants you to know that your situation is not hopeless. He reminds us that as disciples of Jesus, in order to be set free, we need to know His perfect truth.


When You Feel Like Giving Up (Revelation 3:7-13): Obedience is a word that usually makes people bristle. Society has taught us to be independent creatures, and submitting ourselves to someone else doesn’t come easily. But Tony Evans explains that to experience the fullness of Christ requires following His commandments.


Praying and Waiting for God's Timing (1 Kings 18:41-46): Have you ever wanted to see your prayer life become more powerful? When Elijah offered up a prayer to the heavens in a time of drought, God brought rain to an area that desperately needed it. Tony Evans wants to take you from ritualistic communication to the same kind of relational communication that Elijah had, and he’ll start by showing you the way God works when you learn to pray effectively.


Stop Blocking Your Miracle (John 11:38-46): Trying to make sense of God and how He operates is often a fruitless exercise. He tells us that His ways are not our ways, and once we begin to surrender our logic and start trusting Him, He can start working miracles in our lives.


Why God Allows Your Crisis (2 Chronicles 20:1-20): When God intervened in the lives of those in the Bible, it was most often during a crisis that people were not able to fix on their own. In the story of Jehoshaphat, he found himself in a crunch, to put it mildly—his enemies were mounting up against him, and he was afraid they would succeed in taking him down. But in this lesson, you’ll find that God often creates predicaments so that He can demonstrate that He alone is God and no dilemma can loom higher than He.