Kingdom Stewardship Volume 1 - CD Series

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Kingdom Stewardship Volume 1 - CD Series

God has a house, and it’s called His kingdom. Not only does He own the house, but He owns everything that’s inside of it. That’s why He chose to create His very own management company over His creation: you. In the series Kingdom Stewardship, Dr. Tony Evans takes a look at the responsibility of living as a kingdom steward that God has given every single one of us. Once you understand you’re merely the manager of everything placed in your hands, it will change your outlook on life forever.

Kingdom Stewardship Volume 1 CD Series Description


The Meaning of Stewardship (Genesis 1:26-28): When you leave your home for a weekend and ask someone to house-sit while you’re away, you would expect them to take proper care of what’s rightfully yours until your return. Just like the house-sitter’s given responsibility, God has given each of us the job of stewardship: managing and taking care of His creation. Transform your outlook as you learn how God is the rightful owner of everything, and you only manage what He first puts into your hands.

The Responsibility of Kingdom Stewardship (Matthew 25:14-30): To every person in His kingdom, God has given the ability to be a productive manager under His ownership. But what does God think about those who squander their skills or don’t even put them to use? In this lesson, Tony Evans looks at the parable of the three slaves who were given much in order to expand their master’s kingdom.

The Purpose of Kingdom Stewardship (Deuteronomy 8:11-18): As residents of the United States of America, we live and are protected under the covenant known as the Constitution. Similarly, God’s kingdom has a covenant with which all believers are to live under. If you find that you’re not experiencing His kingdom in your life, Tony Evans says it might just be because you are refusing to keep His covenant. Learn all about God’s covenant and why it’s important for His stewards to hold to it.

The Spheres of Kingdom Stewardship (Psalm 128): We live in a day where people are consistently borrowing rules from a society that do not agree with the rules that its Owner has set. Luckily for us, Psalm 128 discusses four covenantal realms in which all of life is to be placed underneath His ownership. When you learn to place your life within these four areas, you’ll find yourself become the manager over His kingdom that He had intended you to be.

The Perspective of Kingdom Stewardship (1 Timothy 6:6-10): When it comes to kingdom stewardship, there are a lot of Christians who simply don’t get the point. While a kingdom steward is one who faithfully protects and expands the resources entrusted to them on God’s behalf, there are still those that struggle with how and why to adopt this mentality. Join Tony Evans in this look at the benefits that can occur when we learn to live and maintain a Biblical perspective on life.

The Motivation of Kingdom Stewardship (2 Corinthians 9:6-11): While it’s easy to learn the information surrounding the how’s and why’s of kingdom stewardship, it’s not quite as easy to find the motivation to follow through on it. But God does not want you to be manipulated into stewardship, He just wants you to respond to His grace. Rediscover the gift of grace and how you might not be aware of all that grace can really do.