Clarity in a Crisis - CD Series

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Clarity in a Crisis - CD Series

When the world around you looks as if it’s about to crumble and there doesn’t seem to be hope for tomorrow, it can be difficult to know where to turn in order to find rest. But in times of hopelessness and confusion, Dr. Tony Evans urges us to look toward that which should always be our first resort: our heavenly Father and His perfect Word. In the series Clarity in a Crisis, experience the life, hope and divine intervention that we need most when caught up in the midst of a pandemic.

#1 – What on Earth Is Going On? (Hebrews 12:25-28): Whenever life may fall into a state of predictability, simplicity or even ease, it can be easy to believe that we need only to rely on ourselves. But the truth is that the further we remove God from our culture and personal lives, the closer we get to the chaos that the world so easily brings. In this lesson, Tony Evans invites you to fix your gaze back on heaven as he explains how whatever unpleasant circumstances surrounding us are just what we need to return our focus to God.

#2 – Divine Disruption (2 Chronicles 15:3-6): In the book of 2 Chronicles, you find a world in chaos with no obvious solution in sight. But when God allows us to fall into times of distress, God becomes the only solution we can look to. Join Tony Evans as he shows us how times of distress are nothing more than an invitation to seek, pursue and run to our heavenly Father for peace.

#3 – Do Not Worry (Matthew 6:25-34): With everything that goes on in our world today, it’s no question that we have a legitimate right to feel concerned. But if the Bible commands us not to worry, how then are we supposed to respond? Well, Tony Evans says that concern and worry are two vastly different concepts. Concern is something you own while worry is something that owns you. Join him as he shows us how faith in God can overcome our worries by providing the peace that surpasses all understanding.

#4 – Treasures in Trials (Jeremiah 29:11-14): When you find yourself knee-deep in desolate circumstances, it can be difficult to believe that things could ever return from bad to good. But the Bible tells us that God has promised us a future and a hope—even if that hope feels out of reach. In this lesson, Tony Evans reminds us that in any trial, there is a triumph called hope as he takes a look at the promise God gave to us for a better tomorrow.

#5 – The Cure (Matthew 5:13-16): When our bodies become threatened by a virus or illness, the immune system kicks in to fight off what seeks to do harm. Well, Tony Evans says that not only do our bodies have a method of fighting back against sickness, but our culture does, too. It’s called the church, and in this lesson, you’ll discover its potential to fight back against the virus of sin as it fulfills its role of being the salt of the earth.

#6 – Power of Praise (2 Chronicles 20:1-25): Have you ever had God answer a prayer or request that otherwise held no humanly-possible solution? It can be easy to want to praise Him for His goodness and grace after the fact, but what comes before His intervention in your circumstances? The truth is that our actions should always be the same—even if we haven’t yet seen Him move. Join Tony Evans for this look at why we should praise God’s name before our requests have even been answered.

#7 – Faith Over Fear (Mark 4:35-41): It’s much easier said than done to cast aside any fears that arise when life’s tribulations come your way, especially if you find yourself in the middle of one. But Tony Evans says that true peace has nothing to do with your external circumstances; it’s simply relying on God’s truths even in the midst of a rocky situation. Join him as he challenges us to place faith over fear in this lesson on trusting God through the thick and thin.

#8 – How to Handle a Crisis (1 Kings 4:1-7): Whenever you find yourself facing a financial, relational, physical or even spiritual dilemma, the first question we often find ourselves asking is, “How do I handle this crisis?” Well, Tony Evans says the answer is simple, but it requires our willingness to listen and to do what God tells us. In this lesson, discover how God can fix the unfixable when we hold true to his Word even when it might not make sense.

#9 – The Importance of the Church (Matthew 16:13-20): While the concept of the church may appear as nothing more than a social or religious gathering to some, the truth is that its true purpose is to represent the kingdom of heaven throughout history. Tony Evans says that each member of the church is a divinely ordained representative whose job is to draw God’s kingdom into the culture, but it isn’t always easy. Join Tony as he illustrates what it looks like to write history as we draw heaven down to earth.

#10 – Prescription for a Pandemic (Isaiah 58:1-12): There’s no question that a pandemic is a time of pain, confusion and frustration as society seeks to hold itself together. But Tony Evans says that it doesn’t have to be this way as the Bible holds the antidote to healing not only our culture’s problems but also our very own. Join him as he reveals the three biblical ingredients we need to begin the process of healing our lives and those around us.

#11 – Building on the Right Foundation (Matthew 7:24-27): The first and most important step of building any stable home is that of laying a foundation capable of holding up whatever will rest upon it. Tony Evans says the Christian walk is no different, and that whatever foundation that you choose to lay for your life is what will determine your future. That’s why he’s here to show us what it means to build a reliable foundation with the infallible resource known as the Word of God.