American Idols - CD Series

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American Idols – CD Series

When you hear about idolatry in the Bible, you might imagine stone carvings or hand-crafted shrines that you won’t find in our society today. But the truth is that idols are just as relevant today as they’ve ever been—they’re just hidden in plain sight. That’s why in American Idols, Dr. Tony Evans will unveil the many forms that idolatry can take in our lives to better equip you in your walk with God.

#1 – Idol - Eyes (Ezekiel 14:1-8): Our God is a great God—but it’s not always an easy task to remember that He’s in control. In fact, the less capable you think He is, the more likely you are to look to other means such as idols to fulfill a need that you don’t think God will. That’s why in “Idol Eyes”, Tony Evans takes a step back to show you a broader perspective on the dangers and concerns of idolatry in today’s society.

#2 – Idol - Identity (Galatians 2:11-21): Every year, millions of Americans come face-to-face with the troublesome crime known as identity theft which results in ruined lives, reputations and credibility. But there are more than just personal or financial thefts that you should watch out for—the devil wishes for you to forget whose you are in an attempt to steal your spiritual identity. That’s why, in this lesson, Tony Evans will talk about many of the identity idols to look out for as he reminds you of your new identity that is tied to Jesus Christ.

#3 – Idol - Pleasure (Ecclesiastes 2:1-11): There’s no doubt about it, when God created humanity in the garden of Eden, man was created to enjoy many things. But what happens when something you enjoy begins to go against the will of its Creator? Tony Evans calls this the idol of pleasure, and it can come in many different forms. Join him as he talks about the difference between illegitimate pleasures and the enjoyments that God wants you to experience.

#4 – Idol - Technology (Genesis 11:1-9): We are blessed to be alive in an age where the technology we have access to is capable of doing incredible things. In fact, technology was born out of God’s creative purpose for mankind. But like everything else, there exists a danger when such a gift either disconnects itself from God or even tries to act like God, and you’ll find out exactly how you can stop that from happening in this lesson.

#5 – Idol - Greed (Colossians 3:1-5): You may not know it, but greed can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s financial, corporate or societal, Jesus tells us to beware of every form that it might take. In this lesson, Tony Evans discusses the illegitimate pursuit of material gain along with how you can combat that desire from a biblical perspective.

#6 – Idol - Culture (Daniel 1:1-8): There’s no questioning that Christianity is no longer the normative worldview in our society today. But how are believers supposed to act when we no longer have the home-field advantage? Tony Evans says though it may be difficult, it’s still possible—and he’ll show you how to persevere in following the One true God even when those around you hold tight to a secular culture.

#7 – Idol - Luck (Isaiah 65:8-12): Have you ever wished someone “good luck” for a difficult task they had to overcome? While the idea of luck seems trivial, Tony Evans says this word for random chance or happenstance shouldn’t even be part of your vocabulary—and he’ll explain why that’s true in this lesson on the providential understanding of God.

#8 – Idol - Religion (1 Corinthians 10:14-22): Of all the idols that exist in our world today, one in particular that many people wouldn’t expect to exist is that of religion itself. Tony Evans says whether you’re attending church, reading your Bible or praying daily—if your religious duty causes you to lose focus of pursuing an intimate relationship with God, you’ve missed the point. It’s a look at relationship over rules in this lesson on the idol of religion.