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A Lesson About Integrity - CD

Parenting On Purpose, Vol1 – CD Series

Parenting On Purpose - Vol 1 - A lot of moms and dads just muddle their way through child raising, just taking things as they come and making up the rules as they go. But this two-volume series sets out the kingdom agenda for your family, outlines the roles each family member should play, and provides practical direction for parents who want to be more purposeful and effective.

Holding Your Parents in High Honor (Exodus 20:13) - It’s hard enough to obey a God we know is perfect.  It’s even harder to trust imperfect people… even when they're your parents. But that's exactly what the Bible commands us to do. In this message, Dr. Evans explains how "honoring our father and mother" still affects our future, both as individuals and as a society. 

Reclaiming Your Parental Authority (Ephesians 6:1-4) - Parents need to stay in charge, but Dr. Evans says that they should do it in positive, productive ways. In this lesson from Ephesians 6, he outlines practical tips that will give parents a better handle on their home life, even if things seem to be completely out of control. 

Portrait of a Kingdom Dad (Genesis 18:16-21) -  Dads, if your kids are floundering or failing, Dr. Evans says that you not only have the power but the responsibility to do something about it. This message takes you to Genesis, chapter 18 for look at practical ways to become a more effective father. 

The Spiritual Patriarch (1 Chronicles 7:40) - There’s more to being “head of a household” than checking a box on your tax return.  In this lesson from I Chronicles 7, Tony talks about the job description that goes along with that title and offers suggestions on how to carry it out. 

Saints in a Secular Society (Daniel 1:1-10) - No matter how much we try to protect our kids, Dr. Evans says that sooner or later they'll come face-to-face with the world's value system and start feeling the pressure to conform to it. In this lesson, he talks about maintaining the delicate balance between being "in the world, but not of the world" and describes ways to keep your family’s feet firmly planted in the kingdom.

Begging for a Blessing (Genesis 27:30-38) — Blessings come from God, but not just from God.  In this lesson on how to claim your spiritual inheritance, Dr. Evans touches on the importance of the blessings you pass on… and what to do if they were never passed on to you. 

A Lesson about Integrity (1 Kings 18:7-19) - Modern morality tells us that the end justifies the means. But Dr. Evans says that the Bible teaches us a different lesson – especially for those times when we're in trouble. This message will teach you how the Lord strengthens – and tests – our character.

Messages included:

Holding Your Parents in High Honor – Exodus 20:13
Reclaiming Your Parental Authority – Ephesians 6:1-4
Portrait of a Kingdom Dad – Genesis 18:16-21
The Spiritual Patriarch – 1 Chronicles 7:40
Saints in a Secular Society – Daniel 1:1-10
Begging for a Blessing – Genesis 27:30-38
A Lesson About Integrity – 1 Kings 18:7-19