Igniting Kingdom Prayer, Vol 2 - CD Series

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Igniting Kingdom Prayer, Vol 2 - CD Series

Series Descriptions: Take any home appliance—a fridge, a lamp or a computer—and strip it of its access to electricity. Suddenly, all of these objects become significantly less capable of doing what they were designed to do. If you are a believer in Christ Jesus, you’ve been given a power called kingdom authority. But unless you’re plugged into the original source that is our heavenly Father, you’ll find yourself unable to utilize its benefits. In Igniting Kingdom Prayer, Dr. Tony Evans will discuss all there is to know on kingdom prayer: the link God has given us to tap into the power He has provided.

The Kingdom Power of Prayer (James 5:13-18): For many believers, the act of prayer has slowly devolved into a mere tradition that has no lasting impact on their lives. But Tony Evans says that prayer is supposed to be so much more: a relational communication with God that establishes the goal of making heaven visible on earth. In this message, discover why prayer shouldn’t be treated like an ordinary ordeal in your life because of its power to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth.

The Authority of Binding and Loosing (Matthew 18:18-20): If you grew up in church, you’re probably familiar with the concept of binding and loosing. But Dr. Tony Evans wants to take you deeper into its meaning than you’ve ever been before by helping you understand how to apply these two ideas to your own life. Learn how binding and loosing is meant to function in order to help you exercise your kingdom authority.

Praying to Change God’s Mind (2 Kings 20:1-11): Have you ever wondered if it’s possible for God—an omniscient, never-changing being who exists outside of time—to simply change His mind? Well, Dr. Tony Evans says the answer might not be what you would expect. In this message on the life of Hezekiah, learn how it’s possible for God to reverse His decisions when prayer is brought into the equation.

Prayer to Move Mountains (Mark 11:20-26): We’ve all faced mountains throughout our lives—situations that loom so large you can’t find a way over or through it. Well, Jesus tells us we have the power to move these mountains, but many Christians wind up placing a lot of faith in the wrong things. In this message, Tony Evans discusses how prayer and just the smallest amount of faith in the right thing can set you free from the mountains that hold you hostage.

Prayer and Spiritual Warfare (Ephesians 6:10-18): If you keep a spare tire in the back of your car, you’ll know that it’s only kept there for when something goes flat. Tony Evans says many Christians treat prayer like a spare tire—if nothing’s going flat in life, there’s no need for it. But the Bible says to pray at all times, and in this message, you’ll find that by doing so you’re preparing yourself for the inevitable occurrence of any spiritual warfare that may strike.

Praying through a Crisis (John 11:1-44): Whether you see it coming from far away or it just hits you out of nowhere, finding yourself face-to-face with a crisis is the kind of unwelcome experience nobody wants to be in. But in the midst of the financial, medical or mental chaos, Dr. Evans is here to remind you to ask yourself a very important question: “How can my crisis bring God glory?” In this lesson, be reminded of God’s power and ability to turn even the darkest of circumstances into that which will bring Him praise like you never could have imagined.