Igniting Kingdom Prayer Vol 1 - CD Series

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Igniting Kingdom Prayer Vol 1 - CD Series

Series Descriptions: Take any home appliance—a fridge, a lamp or a computer—and strip it of its access to electricity. Suddenly, all of these objects become significantly less capable of doing what they were designed to do. If you are a believer in Christ Jesus, you’ve been given a power called kingdom authority. But unless you’re plugged into the original source that is our heavenly Father, you’ll find yourself unable to utilize its benefits. In Igniting Kingdom Prayer, Dr. Tony Evans will discuss all there is to know on kingdom prayer: the link God has given us to tap into the power He has provided. 

Touching Heaven to Change Earth
(2 Chronicles 15:3-6): Many people find themselves attempting to mop up messes in their lives only to find that the source is an endless drain of trials that won’t stop. But instead of trying to clean up the problems in vain, Tony Evans says you first need to deal with the root. Once you discover the spiritual side of how the world works, you’ll find how your approach to challenges will start to change. 

The Prayer for Spiritual Power (Ephesians 3:14-21): With every believer who places their faith in God, there is a power given to them which grants the ability to contact heaven in order to get help on earth. But unfortunately, many do not understand this gift granted to them and therefore do not end up utilizing it. In this message, Tony Evans will show you the spiritual power that you already possess and how prayer is the hidden key to accessing it.

Claiming Your Legal Rights (Luke 18:1-8): When life’s problems begin to multiply and you start to buckle beneath the weight of trials and tribulations, the Bible says to “pray and not to lose heart.” In order to help us better understand perseverance through prayer, Jesus tells us the parable of the persistent widow. In this message, Tony Evans will walk you through this parable along with its unique concepts that will give you a whole new perspective on prayer.

Understanding Your Spiritual Authority (Ephesians 1:15-23): To every one of us, God has given kingdom authority. But what most Christians don’t realize is that your own clouded view can keep you from experiencing what God has to offer. In this message, Tony Evans challenges you to ask God to help see things clearly in hopes that you might seize your spiritual authority given to use in the context of His will. 

Praying in Jesus’ Name (John 16:23-27): In the book of John, Jesus states whenever you ask for something in His name that you will receive it. But if you were to ask any believer if they’ve ever had a prayer go unanswered, their response would be yes. Tony Evans says this is because we often use His name in our prayers illegitimately. In this message, learn how to properly utilize the phrase “in Jesus’ name” as you begin to see prayers answered like never before. 

Piggybacking on Jesus’ Authority (Luke 7:1-10): You can count on one hand the number of times in the Bible that Jesus marveled at someone’s actions. In order to shock the Son of the living God, something highly significant has got to take place. One of those events can be found in the story of the centurion officer, which Dr. Tony Evans will look at in this message on acknowledging God’s authority.