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Cultivating A Spiritual Ministry- CD

The Spirit of the Ministry – CD Series

Series Description: Whenever you gather at a house or building of the family of God, there should always be a drastic change in the atmosphere that occurs. Within this church atmosphere is a compilation of core values known as the spirit of the ministry. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he discusses the many different forms that the spirit of the ministry can manifest itself in as the Holy Spirit becomes contagious enough to change the climate of a generation.

#1 – Cultivating a Spiritual Ministry (Philippians 2:1-4): Are you experiencing a lack of spiritual growth in your life that you cannot seem to overcome? Tony Evans says that this has nothing to do with the lack of information, but instead the atmosphere in which you learn. Discover how each of us has the responsibility to cultivate this Christian climate by sharing the encouragement we get from Christ with those around us.

#2 – The Spirit of Unity (Ephesians 4:1-7): While most people may think that unity means uniformity or sameness, it instead means oneness of purpose in the Spirit. So, if it feels like God doesn’t seem to be answering your prayers, it may be because you’re operating from a place of disunity. In this lesson, Tony Evans explores what the Bible says about not creating, but preserving the unity that God already created when we entered into His kingdom.

#3 – The Spirit of Integrity (Daniel 6:1-5): The Bible says that people of integrity are hard to find and that it’s important to have integrity when entering into His presence. So, what are you supposed to do if you’ve lost your integrity? The good news is that the Bible is full of people who lost their integrity only to have God give it back. Learn more about the blessings of having integrity as Tony Evans takes a look at the story of Daniel and the lion’s den.

#4 – The Spirit of Excellence (Philippians 3:12-16): Whenever you choose to go out to eat somewhere, you expect both the food you eat and the service provided to be excellent. But many people who want excellence are the same people who are unwilling to give excellence. In this lesson, Tony Evans discusses the excellence that God wants from you and how sometimes that means refusing to do things the way that the world wants you to.

#5 – The Spirit of Servanthood (Mark 10:35-45): When Jesus got down and began to wash his disciples’ feet, it blew their minds. Little did they know that the true path to greatness is to be a servant to all. Discover how God wants to bless you and use you to bless others through servanthood in this lesson.

#6 – The Spirit of Communication (Ephesians 4:25-32): If the Bible calls Scripture the Word of life, Tony Evans says that we should be speaking the same kind of life into each other. Our words have weight, and sometimes people can turn into what you declare them to be. Learn the importance of declaring your identity in Christ and how just by changing your communication, you can change your relationships.

#7 – The Spirit of Accountability (1 Corinthians 12:3-13): The Bible uses the body as an analogy in order to express what accountability in the church really means. While the hand is held accountable to the arm, the foot is held accountable to the leg and should not attempt to function independently. Similarly, we as Christians need to hold each other accountable in order to lovingly stimulate growth in the conformity of Christ. In this lesson, join Tony Evans as he explores three important questions we must always ask when it comes to accountability.

#8 – The Spirit of Joy (Philippians 4:1-4): There are many people who believe that pursuing God means their lives will be full of happiness. But what they don’t realize is that there’s a large difference between happiness and the joy that God promises us. Tony Evans says if you spend all of your time looking for happiness, you might just miss joy. In this lesson, discover the unspeakable joy the Bible speaks of that can enable you to be full of life even when circumstances aren’t so happy.