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A Solemn Assembly for Revival - CD

Revive us again, Volume 2 – CD

Series Descriptions: There are many Christians who know about God, can reference Him, or understand His theology. But what if you could go beyond those things and experience the reality of God in every situation of your life? The solution is a revival: when God restores spiritual life back to His people. In Revive Us Again, Dr. Tony Evans discusses the provision, victory and deliverance that revival brings when we choose to return to God.


Are We Ready for Revival (Matthew 3:1-12): Much like an airplane arranging to touchdown at an airport, the glory of God can only hit the ground if a path has been prepared for it. The question isn’t whether God wants to do something or not, the question is whether we are ready for what God wants to do. Join Tony Evans as he talks about what it means to ready yourself for God’s coming revival.

Experiencing Personal Revival (Isaiah 6:1-8): Even if you don’t see revival in your home, church or nation, Tony Evans wants to remind you that it’s still possible to experience your own personal revival. But what are the steps each one of us should take in order to see that happen? In this lesson, learn all about the process of seeing God with your own eyes that allows Him the freedom to manifest Himself in you. 

Experiencing Family Revival (Genesis 35:1-9): There are countless families today that are full of chaos and confusion. Dysfunction has become a common houseguest and continues to rip the home and its inhabitants apart. In the Bible, Jacob and his family knew that feeling all too well and needed an intervention. Learn about the family revival: when God returns to the home and transforms confusion into something meaningful.

Experiencing Church Revival (Acts 2:1-14): When you think of church, you most likely think of the building you attend on Sundays. But Tony Evans says the church is so much more than just a building—it’s being part of God’s legislative body. In this look at the birth of the church, find out why revival is so important for the church and its people. 

Experiencing National Revival (Jonah 3:1-10): It's easy to talk about positive topics such as forgiveness and grace, but every positive is only a positive because a negative side also exists. While it's sometimes difficult to learn about the judgment that results from sin, Dr. Evans says it is necessary information if a revival is going to occur. Explore the unpopular, yet vital topics of Christianity in this look at the national revival that Nineveh experienced.

The Hindrance of Revival (Malachi 1:6-14): If you pull into a gas station and see a Rolls-Royce, the odds are its owner isn’t filling it up with cheap gas. You see, a car of such high value requires the best gas that it is due. Similarly, Tony Evans says God’s worth demands more than just our regular worship. If you’re wishing for a revival, learn how He must first be given the time and value from His people that He is due. 

A Solemn Assembly for Revival (Joel 2:12-17): When a nation finds itself face-to-face with a crisis that it can't solve, that may be a sign that it's a divine visitation. But instead of endlessly struggling with the problem, Tony Evans says we should instead address the problem sender. In this message, learn the purpose of the solemn assembly and how a mere gathering can bring about peace for a nation.