Giving By Grace (Magnificent Grace)

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Series Description: Many of us have grown up hearing about the importance of working hard to be good so we can earn our way to heaven. While working hard is certainly a virtue, no such work will ever get us into eternity with God. The truth is that all humanity has fallen short of His glory. Only through His unending grace can we experience His power on earth and forever in His presence.

#7: Empowered by Grace (2 Corinthians 12:7-10): We’ve all bought toys and other devices from the store that had on them the words, “batteries not included.” What many of us are unaware of is that God’s grace comes to use with His power included. Tony Evans informs us that the receiving of power through grace is not just a benefit, but a responsibility.

#8: Giving by Grace (2 Corinthians 9:6-12): Receiving the goodness of God in the form of His inexhaustible supply of grace is an immeasurable blessing. But Tony Evans reminds us that His gift is given not so that we might receive a prize, but so that we might pass it on through our own giving.

#9: Assisted by Grace (Hebrews 4:14-16): Life has a way of making most of us tired. We endure broken relationships, faulty careers, struggles with ongoing sin, etc. As time wears on, wrestling with all this unpleasantness can get you down. Even waiting on God to come through is tiring. But Tony Evans says that the grace of God serves to assist you in the struggle.

#10: Increasing the Flow of Grace (James 4:1-10): Sometimes it seems like God’s grace is in short supply. We pray and read His word, try our best to live in accordance with His will, but calamity keeps coming anyway. Tony Evans points out that when we have unresolved conflict with ourselves as brothers and sisters of Christ, we greatly limit the outflowing of God’s grace.

#11: Ruling by Grace (Romans 5:12-21): Sin works diligently to subdue us and turn us into slaves. We wrestle with sinful behavior that doesn’t seem to go away. We rid ourselves on one kind of sin only to find three more crept in the back door. But Tony Evans reveals the truth of Scripture to us: through God’s abundant grace, we have been called to rule and reign over sin.

#12: Living under Grace (Ephesians 3:1-10): With a never-ending supply of God’s grace in our lives, we may still find ourselves trying to earn God’s favor or taking advantage of His grace by living as though sin has no meaning. That’s why Tony Evans concludes this series with a plea to continue living underneath the authority of His grace, drawing near to Jesus Christ as we do.