God is More Than Able - CD Series

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God is More Than Able - CD Series

Your worries and fears will be put to rest after listening to this series on the 23rd Psalm. Listen as Dr. Tony Evans explains David’s song as a testament of God as our shepherd. Through this series, you will learn how your spiritual, directional, emotional, physical and eternal needs are all met through our Shepherd. Get the encouragement and hope you need through this inspiring series.

#1 –
God Meets Our Spiritual Needs (Psalm 23:1-6): Does life have you feeling spiritually drained through trials and tribulations? Does it feel like God is just too far away? Tony Evans wants to remind you not to throw in the towel; God may just be surprise you and actually leading you beside still waters.  He does this so He might restore your soul.

#2 – God Meets Our Directional Needs
(Psalm 23:1-6): Life is full of tough decisions and choices. But God wants to guide you along the right path through dependency upon Him. In this message, Tony Evans will teach you how to abandon your sense of self-sufficiency so that God can take the reins to lead you in the path of righteousness.

#3 – God Meets Your Emotional Needs
(Psalm 23:1-6): Do you ever have mornings where all you seem to wake up to is discouragement, despair, disappointment or frustration? No matter the forecast, it’s all cloudy skies and rain. But if the Lord is your Shepherd, He yearns to meet your emotional needs. In this message, Tony Evans will teach you the key to emotional victory: discovering God’s supernatural presence.

#4 – God Meets Your Physical Needs
(Psalm 23:1-6): Too often we get caught up in our jobs that we begin to believe that we are the source of our provisions. Tony Evans wants to remind you that God is your sole provider and that your situation does not define His agenda. Learn how God alone is the only source the provides for us and how He is more than able to meet your needs in this lesson.

#5 – God Meets Your Eternal Needs
(Psalm 23:1-6): Just as you have insurance for when your stuff might break down, you also have the same kind of security in God when life breaks down. In this lesson, Tony Evans covers not only how God is for you, but how He cannot get you off His mind.

#6 – Is the Lord Your Shepherd?
(Psalm 23:1-6): Many of us are living lives of dissatisfaction where we can’t seem to make our lives unfold in the way we think they should. In this lesson, Tony Evans invites you to stop looking for satisfaction in all the wrong places by making the Lord your shepherd. In doing so, you’ll discover an abundance of guidance and peace.