Fasting: The Key to Spiritual Victory, Vol 1 - CD Series

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Fasting: The Key to Spiritual Victory, Vol 1 - CD Series

Do you need a spiritual breakthrough? In this dynamic and life-changing series, Tony Evans examines the power and process of fasting, which is giving up a physical desire for a greater spiritual need.

#1 - The Importance of Fasting (Isaiah 58:1-14): Do you feel like you are stuck in your spiritual walk while those around you make progress that you can’t seem to imitate? In this lesson, Tony Evans discusses the importance of fasting and explains how, just as a lumberjack takes a break from chopping trees to sharpen his ax, God sometimes wants us to pause to sharpen the ax of our inner being so that we might find spiritual victory.

#2 - Fasting for Deliverance (Matthew 17:14-21): Life is full of situations that hold us hostage. These are circumstances or strongholds from which we cannot seem to be able to break free. In this message, Tony Evans talks about how to fast for the freedom God has in store for you so that you might be released from what holds you captive.

#3 - Fasting for Burdens (Nehemiah 1:1-11): Whether it’s financial, emotional, physical or spiritual, life is full of burdens that can keep you feeling weighed down. In the book of Nehemiah, he too, found himself face-to-face with his own burden that God didn’t seem to be solving. In this lesson, Tony Evans takes a look at the concept of burdens and how we should communicate with God in those moments in order to arrive at a spiritual solution—even if it means waiting on His timing.

#4 - Fasting for Protection (Esther 4:8-16): The enemy loves nothing more than to seek to make our lives so burdensome and miserable that we reach the point where we simply cannot function. But Tony Evans wants to remind you that many biblical figures not only fasted for their burdens but to seek protection from their oppressors as well. Experience the protection God has in store for you from your circumstances in this look at the lives of Esther and Mordecai.

#5 - Fasting for Needs (1 Kings 17:8-16): Needs come in all shapes and sizes. But what if you’re living from paycheck to paycheck or don’t know where your next meal will come from? Tony Evans calls these “crisis situations” and wants to remind you that God will come through—sometimes in ways we would never expect.

#6 - Fasting for Mates (Genesis 24:32-49): We live in a culture where there are countless ways to pursue a relationship. But Tony Evans says finding a mate should start with a total commitment to God. Your discovery of your mate doesn’t begin on an app or a website. Join Tony as he covers four major principles to follow if you are single and searching.

#7 - Fasting for Marriage (1 Corinthians 7:1-5): Building up a strong marriage can be difficult work, and sometimes it doesn’t take much to tear it down. But Tony Evans wants you to experience the marital healing God has for you. Discover how to fast for your marriage and experience abundant growth.