Called For a Purpose, Vol 1 - CD Series

Called For a Purpose, Vol 1 - CD Series

#1 – The Concept of Your Calling (Genesis 1:26-28): Before Tony Evans can begin to discuss the topic of your calling and purpose in life, it’s important to make sure the key terms are correctly understood from a Christian perspective. In this lesson, Tony lays out the biblical definition of the word “calling” by examining the three core categories it can be broken down into.

#2 – The Importance of Your Calling (1 Corinthians 9:26): Our God is a God of purpose. For every person He has created, He has also hand-crafted a specific purpose just for them. Unfortunately, many Christians never get around to the reason they were created, causing them to live empty or frustrating lives. But you can’t find your destiny unless you’re first convinced that you need it. In this lesson, Tony takes a look at the six reasons why discovering your calling is a critical process.

#3 – Your Commitment and Your Calling (Romans 12:1-2): The reason many people are unable to find joy in their lives is because they keep looking for it in things other than their calling. But in order to find your calling, Tony Evans says you need to know about the foundational issue for discovering it. Learn how your ability to discover your calling is intricately tied to the level of your commitment to God.

#4 – Your Giftedness and Your Calling (Ephesians 4:7-16): It's easy to forget sometimes that God never calls us without first equipping us. If you have been saved in Christ Jesus, along with your eternal salvation, you have also been given a gift with which to further God's kingdom here on earth. In this lesson, Tony Evans will cover topics such as the differences between gifts and talents, how we should use our gifts to strengthen the church, and many more.

#5 – Your Worship and Your Calling (Acts 13:1-4): In order to begin pursuing your calling, you need to be able to hear God when He calls. But many Christians have their spiritual phone on silent and can't hear it when it rings. Thankfully, we have been given worship to help us hone in on His signal. Learn all about how the act of worship assists us in repositioning our spiritual ears to hear the call of the Holy Spirit.

#6 – Your Passion and Your Purpose (Romans 15:20): At some point when you were younger, you were probably asked what you wanted to be when you grew up. This is really a question about passion, something that God has given to each of us in a number of different ways. Tony Evans says this passion is the secret to discovering your calling. In this lesson, he will challenge you to examine your passions in order to find the purpose God has designed especially for you.