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Begging for A Blessing - CD

The Best of Tony Evans 2018 – CD Series

These messages represent the highlights of 2018 with fresh and transforming instruction from pastor and teacher Tony Evans. The Best of Tony Evans CD-series includes ten messages on CD and ten additional FREE MP3 downloads. Order the series today, and experience the inspiration from this past year.

The Best of Tony Evans 2018 CD Description

The Key to Your Reversal (Ezekiel 18:24-32): As a Christian trying to fulfill the will of God in your life, you might find yourself headed in the wrong direction. When that happens, you might find the consequences of making a wrong turn overwhelming. From the book of James, Tony Evans provides you with the key to making a U-turn and heading back toward God.

Reversing Anxiety Consequences (Matthew 6:25-34): Often when life gets really difficult, it can affect our mood and fill us with anxiety. All of us are familiar with worry and dread. Tony Evans lays out a biblical game plan to help us deal with anxiety and to encourage us with the knowledge that by seeking God first, we can move from worry to peace.

Stop Blocking Your Miracle (John 11:38-46): Trying to make sense of God and how He operates is often a fruitless exercise. He tells us that His ways are not our ways, and once we begin to surrender our logic and start trusting Him, He can start working miracles in our lives.

Trusting God in a Storm (Mark 4:35-41): Life can be unrelenting, and when the circumstances conspire to overwhelm us with sorrow, grief or frustration, it can seem as though God has fallen asleep on us. But it is in that helplessness that God wants us to trust that He will always see us through the gale.

Sarah: The Power of Faith (Hebrews 11:11): There are many people who lack a capacity to experience what God has for them because of opposing facts that are too numerous. But Tony Evans says that faith is not limited by facts. In this lesson on Sarah, the wife of Abraham, learn how to prevent your faith in God from submitting to the reality of your circumstances.

Begging for a Blessing (Genesis 27:30-38): Blessings come from God. But not just from God. Tony explains the importance of the blessings we pass on and what to do if they were never passed on to us—learn how you can claim your spiritual inheritance!

A Crisis That Cries for Revival (2 Chronicles 20:1-4): You know you’re in a crisis when life is overwhelming you and doesn’t seem to present a way out. In that unwinnable moment, if we cry out to God for deliverance, not only will He show up, but He will declare to you what He declared to Jehoshaphat: “The battle belongs to Me.”

Concept of Faith (Hebrews 11:1-3): If the weatherman says that it’s going to rain tomorrow, we act in faith of what he said and pack an umbrella. But if we can always trust a weatherman who is often wrong, how can we doubt a God who is never wrong? Join Tony Evans as he defines the concept of faith and raises the question, “Are you living by faith?”

Bringing God Your Emptiness (2 Kings 4:1-7): When you’re at your worst and emptiness consumes you, that’s when God might present a solution that makes no sense. Such is the case with an elderly woman seeking help from the prophet Elisha. She pours out her emptiness before him and follows his strange instructions, receiving God’s blessings because of her faith.

Dynamite in Your Dentures (James 3:1-12): There are people in our lives who have gotten to where they are because someone was able to speak life into them. Similarly, there are those who are where they are because someone spoke death into them. Your mouth has the power to not only direct your life, but also the lives of others. In this lesson, discover the power you have to determine life or death with each word you speak.

The Best of Tony Evans 2018 MP3's

Victory in Your Voice (2 Chronicles 20:1-25): Has life ever had you feeling helpless, hopeless, overwhelmed and outnumbered? That’s exactly how Jehoshaphat felt when he found himself surrounded by his enemies. But sometimes, God allows us to feel overwhelmed in order for us to experience a greater view of Him. Discover how your outward adoration of God can be the key to the deliverance of your circumstances because the enemy simply cannot handle your praise. 

Treasure for Troubled Times (Isaiah 33:1-6): Hardship can wreak havoc with your faith. When your bills aren’t getting paid or your family is buckling under the pressures of life, it can seem like Jesus is very far away from your problems. But as Tony Evans points out, it’s usually in those moments that Jesus not only knows where you are but will be your provider through the tough times. Using Isaiah 33:1-6 as the central passage, he explains that the key to this treasure means taking God seriously.

Empowered by Grace (2 Corinthians 12:7-10): We’ve all bought toys and other devices from the store that had on them the words, “batteries not included.” What many of us are unaware of is that God’s grace comes to use with His power included. Tony Evans informs us that the receiving of power through grace is not just a benefit, but a responsibility.

God Meets Your Emotional Needs (Psalm 23:1-6) - Christians experience emotional pain just like anybody else, but Dr. Evans says that sometimes, we're just better at hiding it. In this lesson, he explains how God can heal those hurts and meet our emotional needs in healthy ways.

Fasting for Deliverance (Matthew 17:14-21)

The Power of Unbelief (Matthew 17:14-21): These days, we hear a lot about the power of personal belief. What we don’t hear a lot of is the power of one’s own unbelief. But as Tony Evans explains, the littleness of one’s faith can still have profound repercussions. 

Contentment as a Single

The Perfecting of Faith (Hebrews 11:13-12:3) - The list of witnesses continues, as true faith is illustrated in their lives. Faith itself is acting like God is telling the truth, made evident in your attitude, the words you speak, and the actions you take. These witnesses would not receive the promise of their faith until it was perfected through us in Christ.

The Glory of Heaven (John 14:1-3): There are a great many questions about what exactly heaven will be like when we arrive. What kind of body will we have? Do we have to eat? Or will we even recognize people we know today? Tony Evans will answer these questions and more in this look at the place that Jesus Christ said long ago He is preparing for you.

The Blessings of Spiritual Insight
(Isaiah 55:6-11): Have you ever seen how God works and wondered, “What in the world are You doing?” If so, look no further than this lesson where Tony Evans will talk about the first of many benefits of fearing God: spiritual insight. Discover how spiritual insight can show you what God is doing in order to enable you to do what you should be doing.

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