#Second - Rekindling a Heart for Others - CD Series

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#Second - Rekindling a Heart for Others - CD Series

In this 7-part CD series, Tony Evans gives us Godly instruction about how we can rekindle our hearts for each other and those in our community. It begins by us being rich in good works so our neighbors and others experience the love of Jesus. As a Christian, we should give to those who can't give back just as we can't repay Jesus for his sacrifice. Our actions need to show nonbelievers that we don't measure ourselves by our money, power or position.

#1 – Loving Your Neighbor (Luke 10:25-37) - Tony Evans explains that the kind of love Jesus called us to show people isn't about how we feel—it's about what we do.

#2 – Practicing Christian Love (1 John 3:13-24) - Do you really love God as much as you say you do, or even think you do? Tony Evans explains why loving God and loving others are completely connected concepts.

#3 – The Sin of Elitism (James 2:1-13) - Nonbelievers often accuse Christians of acting spiritually superior. Tony Evans explains why sometimes, they're right as he teaches us about the sin of elitism and our tendency to measure ourselves by our money, power or position.

#4 – Rich in Good Works (1 Timothy 6:17-19) - When all is said and done, there's usually a lot more said than done. Learn how to keep that from being true of your Christian life as Tony Evans talks about the importance of being "rich" in good works.

#5 – Ministering to the Least (Matthew 25:31-46) - Sometimes, the people who need help the most are the least likely to get it while, instead, we're busy trying to cater to people who hardly have needs at all. Learn why real ministry happens when we give to people who can't give back.

#6 – Socializing the Gospel (Luke 4:16-22) - Compromise is great when you and your spouse are deciding where to go to dinner. But Tony Evans says that compromising Christianity to make it more socially acceptable turns it into something that's neither Christian nor acceptable.

#7 – Why Christians Matter (Matthew 5:13-16) - One bite of your favorite dish is all it takes to tell if a key ingredient has been left out. Learn why Christianity itself is becoming a "missing ingredient" that's turning society more sour.