Believe - CD Series

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Believe - CD Series

Trials can be defined as adverse circumstances that the Lord allows to happen in our lives. If God truly does love us, why does He allow them to happen? Dr. Tony Evans says God uses trials to identify where we are spiritually and to prepare us for where He is taking us. So whether you’re in a trial, just coming out of a trial or getting ready to go into a trial, join Dr. Tony Evans in this four-part series on where and how you can encounter God when you find yourself trapped between a rock and a hard place.

#1 – Trials and Faith (Genesis 22): Are you in a trial where every solution you see seems to be the wrong one? Tony Evans says this may be God getting ready to do something special in your life. Join him as he discusses the story of Abraham and how his trial looked only like a lose-lose situation.

#2 – Trials and Promises (Exodus 2): Sometimes, all you can do when you look at your bleak circumstances is sigh. The Bible says the Israelites did the same thing because of their bondage and cried out to God. Join Tony Evans as he discusses how your crying out to God represents asking Him to fulfill His covenant that He has made with you based on His Word.

#3 – Trials and Trusting (Mark 6): Many people wish to believe that if they follow Jesus, the waters of life will be calm. But just as the disciples of Jesus learned, it is possible to be in the center of God’s will and be in a storm at the same time. In this lesson discover how Jesus can come walking on the water in the midst of your trials.

#4 – Trials and Obedience (John 11): Have you ever faced a hardship where you read the promises of God, you banked on the promises of God, or you heard a word from God, but He was nowhere to be found? That is exactly how Martha and Mary felt when Lazarus passed away. Join Tony Evans as he discusses how God can use His perfect timing to give you an experience with Him that is more than just theology on a shelf.