Elijah DVD Bible Study Kit

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If ever there were a Biblical character deeply connected with God, it was?Elijah. Elijah’s legendary faith grew stronger through the challenges God?sent his way. While Elijah sometimes got discouraged, he didn’t give up. He?knew that even in the hard times, God was with him. He persevered. He?prayed. He trusted even when tested.

Elijah serves as a great role model for us. Over the next six weeks, you’re going to study the life of Elijah in the context of community. You’ll build connections with the people in your group and grow in your faith as you study, learn, pray and even serve together. When God created the world, the only thing He deemed “not good” was that a person would be alone. You were designed for community, to do life with others.

This Bible study bundle consists of ONE Bible study guide and ONE accompanying DVD with six video sessions. If you need additional study guides for your group, pick up our individual study guide option (without a DVD) listed as the Elijah Companion Bible Study Guide in our store.