Returning to the Truth - CD Series

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Returning to the Truth CD Series

Series Description:Our culture has eroded the meaning of the word truth for many years. So when Jesus declares Himself to be the truth or we call God’s Word true, the force of those claims has been muted. In this series, Dr. Tony Evans reminds us of the rock-solid meaning of the word truth and invites us to recognize God’s absolute truth over any other claims of truth.

#1 – The Concept of Truth (John 18:33-38): We’ve all heard people say “live your own truth.” The problem with that statement is in the word “truth.” For truth to be truth, it must be based on an absolute standard. Dr. Tony Evans sets the record straight with The Concept of Truth.

#2 – The Suppression of Truth (Romans 1:18-25): What happens when we operate on a lie rather than the truth? When we reject God’s standard, we suppress the truth. If we aren’t careful, we can suppress God’s truth when it comes to our personal circumstances. Dr. Tony Evans discusses the consequences in this powerful word of the Suppression of Truth.

#3 – The Power of Truth (John 8:31-32): To be free means to be released from something that shackles us. We are free when we allow the truth of God’s Word and His will to establish our identity. But we must normalize God’s perspective in our thinking and in the way we operate. Dr. Tony Evans gives a powerful message illustrating the Power of Truth.

#4 – The Enemy of Truth (John 8:42-45): The greatest strategy of the enemy is to distract you from God's truth. When that happens, it keeps you from experiencing God’s presence and power in your life. When we commit to follow God and surrender to His will, then He fights on our behalf, we are not misled by Satan’s lies, and we can live victoriously! Listen as Dr. Evans powerfully explains the problem and solution to address The Enemy of Truth.

#5 – The Communication of Truth (Ephesians 4:11-16): As Christians, we must adopt a two-fold approach to communication. First, we should speak the truth, and second, we should speak that truth in love. Dr. Evans says that doing both of these will improve our ability to impact God's kingdom.

#6 – The Repository of Truth (1 Timothy 3:14-16): The church is not to let the threats of the culture keep our mouths closed to the truth. The church is to be the repository, or container, of God’s truth. In this message, Dr. Evans explains the church’s responsibility to represent that truth.

#7 – The Source of Truth (John 17:17): God’s Word is the truth. When we compare His Word to our thoughts and feelings, His Word is always the absolute standard—even if we don't like it. Listen to Dr. Evans explain that the Bible is not just information about God, it is the only accurate source for the Word of God.

#8 – The Reception of Truth (1 Thessalonians 2:13): When the Truth is proclaimed, we must be open to hearing it, embracing it and acting upon it. In this impactful conclusion to his series about God’s Truth, Dr. Tony Evans preaches about getting truth to work in your life.