Biblical Expository Preaching - CD Series

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Biblical Expository Preaching - CD Series

In this in-depth collection of teaching sessions delivered by Dr. Tony Evans to a group of pastors and seminary students, Dr. Evans explores multiple elements of biblical expository preaching such as homiletics, delivery, study tips and more.

#1 – Unleashing the Power of the Word: Have you ever asked yourself why the Word of God is powerful? Or perhaps how do can we even know if the Bible really is the Word of God? In this lesson, Tony Evans answers these questions and more as he lays the groundwork for biblical exposition and explains how crucial it is that all discussion starts with the Bible at its foundation.

#2 – Case for Biblical Exposition: While the Bible offers real answers to life’s problems, the hard part is finding, interpreting and applying the appropriate spiritual truth. In order for us to know how to use God’s Word, it must first be explained in a way that can be understood. In this lesson, Tony Evans will define the important process of biblical exposition as he explains why it’s a necessity to begin with.

#3 – The Preparation for Biblical Exposition: Because the Bible says that teachers of the Word are going to be held accountable to a higher standard, Tony Evans wants to make sure every person can be fully equipped to teach. But preparing a sermon is more than just a method—it’s a mindset. In this lesson, Dr. Evans covers the important steps to follow when it comes to learning how to communicate God’s truth to others.

#4 – Making the Sermon Relevant: When it comes to relevancy in a sermon, the goal is to expose the deceptively modern nature of the Bible. But what factors hinder being relevant as a pastor, and how can you overcome them? Tony Evans answers these questions and more in this look at making your message relevant and the benefits of biblical exposition that will follow.