Reversing Discrimination Consequences - DVD

U-Turn RSC Vol 1 – DVD Series

Series Description: Living life as a Christian and pursuing God’s will for our lives is a lot like driving down the highway. Occasionally, we suddenly realize that we’re headed in the wrong direction. Either because of a bad decision we’ve made or the result of some external circumstances we never saw coming, we realize that we’re moving away from both God and where He wants us to be. Tony Evans says that we need to make a U-turn, whereby we turn our situation around and start driving toward the place where God wants us to be: home.

Volume #1

#1 – The Key to Your Reversal (Ezekiel 18:24-32): As a Christian trying to fulfill the will of God in your life, you might find yourself headed in the wrong direction. When that happens, you might find the consequences of making a wrong turn overwhelming. From the book of James, Tony Evans provides you with the key to making a U-turn and heading back toward God.

#2 – Reversing Spiritual Consequences (Luke 15:11-24): You realize you’ve gone off course in your spiritual walk, and you find yourself headed away from God. As such, you are experiencing the hardships that come from making bad decisions. Tony Evans explains that the first thing you need to do in such situations is to take the nearest exit, which the Bible calls repentance.

#3 – Reversing Incurable Consequences (2 Kings 5:1-17): You might have everything going great in your life except one area, but it’s amazing how quickly that one area can mess everything else up. That’s the story of Naaman, whose leprosy was ruining an otherwise perfect life. But Tony Evans explains how nothing is incurable when it comes to God’s will.

#4 – Reversing Irreversible Consequences (2 Kings 5:20-27): Some Christians have been living with the effects of sin in their lives for years. Whether it’s alcoholism, anger issues or a sexual sin, they are unable to make the stain of that sin go away. Fortunately, we serve a God full of grace, and Tony Evans reminds us that when it comes to God, nothing is irreversible.

#5 – Reversing Generational Consequences (Ezekiel 18:1-4): Just like the biological DNA that passes on the characteristics and traits of our parents, we also have spiritual DNA that passes on the sinful behavior from parent to child. But according to Tony Evans, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ provided the means for freeing us from that generational curse.

#6 – Reversing Discrimination Consequences (James 2:1-13): Have you experienced the unpleasantness of being treated unfairly simply based on our outward appearance? The injustice of discrimination has the ability to cripple us. For these reasons, Tony Evans explains that Christians ought to lead the way in demonstrating the impartiality of Christ.