Kingdom Politics Volume 1 - CD Series

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Kingdom Politics Volume 1 - CD Series

The subject of politics can bring up all kinds of emotions ranging from pure apathy to passionate discussions. And it can be difficult to know how our Christian values fit into the left-and-right party structure we find ourselves in. Tony Evans addresses how to vote in our constitutional system while maintaining our loyalty to God’s kingdom.

#1 The Concept of Kingdom Voting - When anything in our life is in disarray, we are to turn to God’s Word for guidance. When political forces are vying for our vote, we must consult the same book for guidance. We are not meant to be left voters or right voters. We are to be kingdom voters.

#2 God and Government - God establishes authorities on earth, and that includes the government. In this message, learn what the Bible says about how a government should operate, and what the role of the citizen is in relationship to it.

#3 God and Freedom - The Bible begins with the establishment of freedom. But freedom doesn’t mean life is a free-for-all. God puts boundaries in place in order to maximize the joy that freedom provides.

#4 God and Life - God is the creator and giver of life. From before we were born until beyond the end of time, God is supremely interested in our lives. When we diminish, minimize or destroy the life of another person, we mar the pinnacle of God’s creation—that which was created in His image.

#5 God and Family - God is the designer of the family, but our culture has been eroding the foundations of the family for decades. When the family crumbles, society is soon to follow, and we’re seeing the indications of that today. Discover how God has designed the government and the family to fit together to fulfill His purposes for a better society.