Encountering Jesus' Names - DVD

Encountering Jesus’ Names – DVD Series

If someone were to call out your name to get your attention, you would respond because that name pertains to your personal identity. In Bible times, parents would even give their child a name to reflect what that child was destined to become. If names have always held so much weight among people, you can only imagine how important they are to God. In this series by Dr. Tony Evans, he’ll walk you through a number of God’s names in hopes of bringing you to a new understanding of their meanings and why it’s so important to know them.

#1 – Jesus the Savior (Matthew 1:18-21): When it comes to the meaning behind a name, what other name is there that is more important than that of the name of Jesus? When God told Joseph what to call His only begotten Son, He gave Him a name that means Savior or Rescuer. In this lesson, Tony Evans talks about the role that Jesus’ name carries and the steps we need to take to allow Him to fulfill that position in our lives.

#2 – Jesus the Christ (John 1:35-42): Throughout the New Testament, the word Christ is spoken over 500 times, but have you ever thought about what that word really means? In this lesson, Tony Evans explains that the word Christ is really the Old Testament word Messiah, which means "Anointed One." Discover the Biblical significance of what it means for Jesus to be the Anointed One in the three most-important categories: Prophet, Priest and King.

#3 – Jesus the Lord (Romans 10:8-13): In regard to the phrase Lord Jesus Christ, if Jesus is His name and Christ is His appointment, then what does Lord mean? The word “Lord” actually comes from Yahweh in the Old Testament, which directly underlines His connection to His deity. In this lesson, Tony Evans will further discuss the significance of “Lord” and highlight the difference between simply believing and confessing His name.

#4 – Jesus the Word (John 1:1-18): The Bible says, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” But the “Word” that this verse speaks of is more than just God’s communication—it’s referring to a person. Learn all about the life-giving Word that had existed throughout all eternity Who would one day become flesh to redeem the world.

#5 – Jesus the Lamb of God (John 1:29-37): In the Old Testament, the sacrifice of lambs was used for the substitutionary atonement of our sins with God. But if that process was so important in connecting with God, why don't we see this sacrificial system taking place today? Find out all about God's permanent solution to the problem as Tony Evans teaches on the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

#6 – Jesus the Son of God and Man (John 5:18-27): When you talk about Jesus being the Son of God and the Son of Man, you are talking about Him being two separate natures at the same time. But how could Jesus be fully God and fully man simultaneously, and why would He choose to do so? Tony Evans answers these questions and more as he explains the unique duality of God’s only begotten Son.

#7 – Jesus the Great I Am (John 8:48-59): When Moses asked God what He wanted to be referred to as to the Israelites, God responded: "I Am." But what does the name I Am even mean? Jesus uses this name for Himself indicating that He is God. In this lesson, Tony Evans explains that this name is more than just a name—it defines a personal God who is who He declares Himself to be.

#8 – Jesus the Alpha and Omega (Revelation 22:10-13): Just as the letters A through Z represent the foundation of all information, Jesus declares Himself to be the base of knowledge for all life. In this lesson, Tony Evans discusses the meaning and implications behind the all-inclusive name of God: Alpha and Omega. Become transformed when you learn to view God as the First and Last, Author and Finisher, Beginning and End.

#9 – Jesus the King (John 18:33-40): While having faith in Christ alone ensures you'll get to spend eternity with Him in heaven, there are far too many people who think they don't have to live under His rule until they get there. Tony Evans says that the reality is He has a kingdom over which He rules: the world and all that dwells in it. In this lesson, learn how Jesus not only wants to be your Savior but also your Ruler.

#10 – Jesus the Great High Priest (Hebrews 5:1-10): In the Old Testament, you’ll find the role of priesthood that is no longer present in modern Christianity. But if the responsibility of offering sacrifices for the sins of the people was so important, why is it that God no longer appoints people to that position? Join Tony Evans as he examines the priesthood of Jesus Christ—the last and greatest High Priest who represents all people before God.

#11 – Something About that Name (Isaiah 9:6-7): Throughout the Bible, you’ll find countless names that are said to represent Christ Jesus and His character. In this lesson, Tony Evans takes a look at four of these names in particular: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father and Prince of Peace. Experience the significance of these powerful names and how they can impact your world should you allow Christ to govern your life.