Spiritual Warfare CD Series

Spiritual Warfare - Vol 2 CD Series

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The Weapons of Authority
The Access to Authority
Tearing Down Personal Strongholds
Tearing Down Family Strongholds
Tearing Down Church Strongholds
Tearing Down Community Strongholds
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Series Description: War is upon us, but it does not exist between countries or governments. There is an invisible battle between Satan’s demonic host and Jesus Christ’s heavenly host—and our planet is the battlefield. In this series by Dr. Tony Evans, identify the enemy’s tactics, and discover the weapons God has provided to you. Conquer your enemy, and become victorious today.

#7 – The Weapons of Authority (Ephesians 6:10-18): When soldiers are sent out on a mission, they are sent thoroughly equipped to ensure their success. God has also provided us with the tools we need to fight the spiritual fight. Discover the tools God has in store for you in this lesson.

#8 – The Access to Authority (Ephesians 6:18-24): What good is any authority if you have no means of accessing it? Tony Evans wants you to know how to access the authority of heaven given to you. In this lesson, discover how, through prayer, you express dependency and gain access to God’s authority.

#9 – Tearing Down Personal Strongholds (James 4:1-12):  When you begin to accept that a bad habit is unbreakable, you become trapped in what Tony Evans calls a stronghold. Many Christians believe that if they have a stronghold then they were meant to have it, but God wants you to break out of the grip holding you hostage and experience freedom.

#10 – Tearing Down Family Strongholds (Genesis 3:8-21): Whether it’s a paralyzed marriage or rebellious children, the enemy loves to create strongholds within the family. Learn what Satan uses to cause family strongholds and how you can cure them in this lesson.

#11 – Tearing Down Church Strongholds (Revelation 1–3): As Satan seeks to create strongholds in individuals and families, he also seeks to hold the church hostage. Learn how strongholds reduce God in the congregation to cause little authority and little passion to manifest.

#12 – Overcoming Strongholds in Your Community (1 Timothy 2:1-8): Community strongholds are everywhere to be found: the government, the education system or even in major corporations. Because the problems you see in society all have a spiritual dimension to them, Tony Evans says resolution can only be achieved through unity and a focus on God at the center.