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The Power of God's Names - Leader Kit contains a Member Book, the original book on which this study is based, and two DVDs that feature the dynamic video teaching of Dr. Tony Evans. To fully grasp the significance and power of knowing God's names, you first need to understand the context of names within biblical cultures. In Old Testament times a name was more than simply nomenclature. It was, rather, a replica and revelation of the individual or thing itself.

The study examines 11 names of God. The words translated as name show up over one thousand times in Scripture and routinely carry with them power, responsibility, purpose, and authority. A name not only expresses the essence and significance of what is being named but also—when duly authorized—accesses the capacity intrinsic within it. Because of God's depth of character, He has a variety of names to reflect His different capacities of relating to humanity. For example, God is called Elohim when referenced as the all-powerful Creator. When you need provision, get to know the name Jehovah Jireh, which means God, the Provider. God has a name for any and every situation you can find yourself in. Get to know the names of God because it is in knowing His character and His capacity that you will rest and discover both peace and power in His covenant care.

Kit Includes:
  • Member Book
  • Two DVDs with a promotional video and six 30-minute teaching sessions
  • Original book on which the study is based


  • Six video segments featuring Dr. Tony Evans teaching the study
  • Guidance for six group experiences
  • Six weeks of daily lessons and learning activities for individual study five days a week