Principles of Spiritual Multiplication CD Series

Principles of Spiritual Multiplication CD Series

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Sharing the Good News
Passing the Baton
Spiritual Parenting
Fulfilling Christ's Mission
Presenting Every Man Perfect
God's Chain of Command
From Individualism to Community
Multiplying Disciples
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Principles of Spiritual Multiplication Could it be that the Good News isn’t good enough to share? In Principles of Spiritual Multiplication, Dr. Evans explores the reasons why so many believers fail to pass on their faith, explains why it’s so important to reproduce ourselves spiritually, and offers practical advice on how to do the job effectively.

Messages Include:
Sharing the Good News (2 Kings 1:1-16) - A cup that’s only half full is a lot less likely to spill. But Dr. Evans teaches that the gospel is supposed to fill us up until it overflows on the people around us. This lesson will help you recognize how God has intervened in your life and the difference He can make for the people you care about.

Passing the Baton (2 Timothy 2:1-2) - It usually makes a parent smile when they see the similarity between themselves and their children. In this lesson from 2 Timothy, Dr. Evans explains why that “family resemblance” is absolutely vital as we help bring new believers into the world. .

Spiritual Parenting (1 Thessalonians 2:1-21) - Dr. Evans says that when we bring someone into the faith, we need to accept the job of being a “spiritual parent.” This lesson from 1 Thessalonians explores that job description, helps you understand the implications of Christian leadership, and sharpens your parenting skills.

Fulfilling Christ’s Mission (Ephesians 4:25-32) - Christians should be intent on working full-time to bring God's agenda to the world.  But Dr. Evans says that, too often, believers take on a second job - trying to promote their own vision! This lesson focuses on what happens when Christians are divided in their loyalty to God's plan, and how vital it is for the Church to do the Lord's work His way. 

Presenting Every Man Perfect (Colossians 4:24-29) - Salvation is more than just a ticket out of hell. It’s the beginning of a wonderful adventure of renewal, change, and growth no believer should miss. This lesson from Colossians 1 explores the Apostle Paul’s commitment to make sure that the people he brought to the faith made it all the way to full maturity in Christ.

God’s Chain of Command (1 Peter 5:1-5) - Faith gives us direct access to God, but the Bible also teaches us to submit to one another within the body of Christ. Dr. Evans takes you to 1 Peter as he talks about the various structures the Lord has put in place to keep you to keep you healthy, growing and safe.

From Individualism to Community (Romans 12:1-21) - As much as people in our culture like to be able to “go it alone,” Dr. Evans says that the welfare of your soul is tied to your obedience - not just to God, but to the spiritual command structure He’s put in place. 

Multiplying Disciples (Acts 2:41-47) - Healthy things grow; it’s just what they do. The body of Christ is no different. Dr. Evans explains how our faith can grow from being invisible to obvious to contagious as he talks about the miraculous growth the church experienced in the book of Acts.