The Kingdom Agenda CD Series

The Kingdom Agenda CD Series

Complete Series
The Concept of a Kingdom Agenda
The Need for the Kingdom Agenda
The Lord of the Kingdom Agenda
The Covenant of the Kingdom Agenda
The Spheres of the Kingdom Agenda
The Authority of the Kingdom Agenda
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When the disciples asked Christ Jesus how to pray, He responded by giving them a prayer most Christians are familiar with: “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” But what does it mean for His name to be hallowed, or how are we to strive for His kingdom to come? In The Kingdom Agenda, Dr. Tony Evans answers all these questions and more as he discusses the visible manifestation of the rule of God over every area of life.


#1 – The Concept of the Kingdom Agenda (John 18:33-38): Just like being born in the United States makes you an American citizen, being born again immediately grants you a spot in the kingdom of God. From beginning to end, the Bible is consistently concerned with the glory of God through the advancement of His kingdom. Discover the meaning of the kingdom agenda and how it relates to our responsibilities as kingdom citizens.

#2 – The Need for the Kingdom Agenda (Isaiah 14:12-14): When God said in reference to mankind, “Let them rule,” He was stating that He would not choose to rule independently of them. Just like Adam, we have all been given an environment, instruction and authority from above. Join Tony Evans as he delves deeper into this kingdom-movement of God and how it applies to each of our lives.

#3 – The Lord of the Kingdom Agenda (1 Corinthians 15:20-28): When Adam first rebelled against God, death became the norm for all of his descendants that would follow. But even if physical death is something that we’ve all inherited, those who trust in Christ Jesus have been given a new life. If the devil has the final say-so in your life, it’s because he has only tricked you to think that. Experience how belonging to Jesus means you are part of a new kingdom with a heavenly ruler.

#4 – The Covenant of the Kingdom Agenda (Deuteronomy 29:9-13): When you enter into the kingdom of God, just like all other governments, you are given rights as a citizen of that province. But those rights are no good to you or anyone else if you never learn what they are or how to exercise them. In this lesson, Tony Evans discusses God’s promises, provisions and power that flow through the covenant that you need to know so that you might use the authority that you legally possess.

#5 – The Spheres of the Kingdom Agenda (Psalm 128:1-6): If covenants are spiritually binding relationships that God has ordained to execute His authority in history, then it’s crucially important to know how and why we operate under them. As you begin to operate in alignment with His covenants, you’ll start to see God operating in new ways you couldn’t have imagined. Join Tony Evans in this look at the four covenantal spheres by which God operates that can drastically impact the flow of His movement in your life.

#6 – The Authority of the Kingdom Agenda (Exodus 19:3-8): Within every kingdom, there is an authority to which every citizen looks for guidance and leadership. But when it comes to God’s kingdom, there are far too many Christians who jump at the opportunity to ignore Christ’s authority and operate under their own agenda. In this lesson, learn how your experience of heavenly authority is tied to how you view and respond to God’s authoritative book: the Bible.