Called for a Purpose - Vol 2 CD Series

Called for a Purpose – Vol 2 CD Series

Complete Series
Your Experience and Your Calling
Your Career and Your Calling
Your Vision and Your Calling
Your Obedience and Your Calling
Your Development and Your Calling
Your Future and Your Calling
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Your Experience and Your Calling (Genesis 45:1-8): As we make our way through life, each one of us will accumulate experiences that assist in shaping who we are and help move us along in our journey. But whether they are good or bad experiences, God is able to take both and use them for your calling. Learn how God used the lives of Paul, Peter and Joseph in the midst of their good, bad and ugly experiences.

Your Career and Your Calling (Daniel 1:8-16): If God calls you to be a doctor, what many Christians don’t realize is that you’re not just supposed to be a doctor—you are supposed to be God's representative in medicine. Tony Evans says if your career leaves God out then you shouldn’t be surprised when He doesn’t bless your circumstances. Whether you’re in the wrong calling or the right one for the wrong reasons, experience the benefits behind having your career established by God for the purposes of His kingdom.

Your Vision and Your Calling (Proverb 29:18): The Bible says not to worry about tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still be aware of it. Dr. Evans says many Christians are living in a mental and spiritual fog because they lack vision for the future. Pursue God’s calling when you learn how to grasp the vision needed to perceive that which lies beyond what you can see.

Your Obedience and Your Calling (Jonah 1:1-17): When you are actively fulfilling God’s purpose for your life, there will undoubtedly come a time where you will need to make a difficult choice in order to fulfill the calling God has given you. But obedience is sometimes inconvenient or even painful, a fact Jonah discovered for himself when God called Him to Nineveh. Join Dr. Evans in this look at Jonah’s story as he talks more about the tensions we will face as we fulfill our calling. 

Your Development and Your Calling (Exodus 3:1-9): Before God can lead you to the divine purpose that He has created for you, there is an important process many of us don't realize that must first take place. God wants to see you arrive at your calling, but in order to reach the destination, you need to be prepared to arrive there in the first place. In this message, Dr. Evans looks at the backstory of Moses and what God did to prepare Moses for his calling to come.  

Your Future and Your Calling (Jeremiah 29:11): In order for a blind person to get to where they hope to go, they require the help of a guide dog to lead them where they cannot see. Tony Evans says even if your life feels hopeless and bleak, God is still there leading you through the darkness. Renew your confidence in this message on the future and hope God has already promised you.