Our Great Salvation CD Series

Our Great Salvation - Vol 1 CD Series

Complete Series
Sin: The Need for Salvation
Justification: The Verdict of Salvation
Redemption: The Payment of Salvation
Propitiation: The Requirement for Salvation
Reconciliation: The Relationship of Salvation
Atonement: The Sacrifice of Salvation
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The gift of salvation: the greatest gift to be given to mankind. If you were to try and describe it in its entirety, it would require you to reach far beyond what can be expressed. Fortunately, the Bible is full of powerful words that God has given us to help us understand the gift of salvation as best we can. In Our Great Salvation, Dr. Tony Evans will walk you through concepts such as justification, redemption and reconciliation in this journey to better understand the salvation we experience daily.

#1 – Sin: The Need for Salvation (1 John 3:4-5): With every great problem comes the need for a great solution. In today’s culture, the concept of sin has become more and more absent as mankind’s view of itself rises. But it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of sin in order to comprehend the need for a solution. In this look at the definition of sin, Tony Evans will help you realize the true significance of God’s gift of salvation. 

#2 – Justification:  The Verdict of Salvation (Romans 5:18): When you pour some oil into a cup of water and wait long enough, you’ll come to find the two substances separating as they slowly make their way to opposite ends of the cup. Well, the same scenario is true for God and sin—they just can’t mix together. But if mankind is under the curse of sin, how is it that any person can be right before God? Enter justification, the topic of this message and the solution to addressing how people can be made acceptable to God through Christ Jesus.

#3 – Redemption:  The Payment for Salvation (1 Peter 1:18-19): There are many people alive today who do not realize they have been born into slavery. Though there may not be physical chains, every man and woman has been born into the slavery of sin. But because of our inability to save ourselves, we inherit the need for a redeemer to pay the price of salvation. In this message, Tony Evans will discuss the redemption through the blood of Christ that has removed all sin as an issue between you and God. 

#4 – Propitiation:  The Requirement for Salvation (1 John 2:1-2): Scattered throughout the Bible, you’ll find moments where its heroes are faced with offering a gift in order to divert the wrath of another. Tony Evans defines this experience as propitiation and wants to remind you that God is no stranger to it.  In this message, uncover the need for propitiation necessary to avert God’s wrathful response to sin that would lead to the death and resurrection of His Son.

#5 – Reconciliation: The Relationship of Salvation (Romans 5:10-11): When Christ died on the cross for our sins, each and every believer was brought back to spiritual fellowship and harmony with God, or in other words, we were reconciled with Him. Tony Evans says this process of going from alienation to restoration can be looked at in four different ways, all of which will be discussed in this message about the world’s reconciliation to God.

#6 – The Atonement:  The Sacrifice of Salvation (2 Corinthians 5:4-15): It’s one thing to simply discuss love, but another thing entirely to actually demonstrate it. When Christ died on Calvary, God showed the greatest demonstration of love as the plan of salvation was atoned for. In this message, Tony Evans further discusses the motivation and extent of the atonement that gives to all an eternal hope.