John - Vol 2 MP3 Series

John - Vol 2 MP3 Series

A Lesson In Circumstances
A Lesson In Service
A Lesson In Love
A Lesson In Discipleship
A Lesson In the Spiritual
A Lesson In Prophecy
A Lesson In Eternity
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Series Description: You've probably heard all about the life of Jesus Christ time and time again, but no one quite tells the story as John does. If the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke are said to have focused on discipleship, then the book of John is all about salvation and the magnificence of eternal life. Join Dr. Tony Evans in this comprehensive overview of the book written to inspire us to pursue the same fellowship and intimacy with Christ that His disciples possessed when they were with Him.

A Lesson in Circumstance 
(John 11): Have you ever felt ignored or overlooked when you called on Jesus to intervene in your circumstance? Mary and Martha felt the same way when Jesus didn’t show up as they had hoped to heal their brother Lazarus. But when God delays His intervention, it might just be for something bigger than you could have ever imagined. Join Tony Evans in this look at the miracle of Jesus raising Lazarus back from the dead.

A Lesson in Service 
(John 12–13): What was the significance of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey? What does Hosanna even mean? And can you still believe in God without accepting His Son Jesus? In this lesson, Tony Evans answers all of these questions and more as he takes a look at the events leading up to the Passover feast.

A Lesson in Love 
(John 13:15–14:31): Have you ever heard someone say that they “love” ice cream or “love” to watch TV? Well, the Biblical definition of love is quite different from the many different variations of love you hear about today. Tony Evans says Biblical love is the decision to pursue the wellbeing of another—even if you don’t feel like it. Discover what Jesus had to say about Godly love to His disciples and how it influences our obedience to Him.

A Lesson in Discipleship 
(John 15–16): You’ve probably heard it said that Christ is the vine and we are the branches, but how does that describe our Christian experience with Him? Tony Evans says that it is our job as branches to bear fruit with three specific characteristics. Find out what they are and much more in this look at spiritual fruit, joy and taking courage in the One who has overcome the world.

A Lesson in the Spiritual 
(John 17–18): As the Passover feast between Jesus and His disciples came to a close, they found themselves in the Garden of Gethsemane. Knowing His time was drawing near, Jesus prays a very important prayer to God about unity and truth for His people. In this lesson, Tony Evans walks you through these words of Jesus and introduces the six trials that Jesus was put through leading up to His crucifixion.

A Lesson in Prophecy 
(John 19–20:1-18): As believers in Christ, we all look forward to the day when our souls will be ushered into eternity to experience the presence of God forever. But such a glorious experience could only take place through the death of a glorious person. Experience the debt that was paid in full as Tony Evans takes a look at the greatest death in all of history that would only last 3 days.

A Lesson in Eternity 
(John 20–21): Almost every Christian is aware of the great commission that Jesus gave before His ascension into heaven, but there is so much more that He did following His death and resurrection that commonly gets overlooked. In this conclusion to the book of John, explore the time Jesus spent with His disciples and the spiritual wisdom He left behind for them.