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Taking God Seriously - CD Series

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Taking Elections Seriously
Taking Worship Seriously
Taking Communion Seriously
Taking Covenants Seriously
Taking Marriage Seriously
Taking Judgments Seriously
Taking Giving Seriously
Taking Reverence Seriously
Taking Sovereignty Seriously
Taking Fatherhood Seriously
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Does it feel like God just isn’t showing up or ever working on your behalf? The people in the book of Malachi felt the same way—they could not find God. But just the act of going to church doesn’t mean that you’re taking God seriously. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he looks at the book of Malachi and discusses the ways you can take God seriously as well as the consequences those in the book faced when they found themselves only giving Him their leftovers.

#1 – Taking Elections Seriously (Malachi 1:1-3): Becoming a Christian means that you have been elected for a purpose. But far too many Christians are skipping from salvation to heaven without realizing the task they were given to fulfill in-between the two. In this lesson, learn how God has a divinely ordained purpose in store for you that you can only achieve by becoming spiritually unique.

#2 – Taking Worship Seriously (Malachi 1:6-10): If your boss came to you and told you that you were only going to get paid with whatever money he had leftover, you would be very upset. Likewise, God is the same way when it comes to leftovers. He doesn’t want your leftover worship, praise or time. In this lesson, Tony Evans talks about the significance of God’s name and the praise that is due His great name first above all other things.

#3 – Taking Communion Seriously (Malachi 1:11-14): In the Old Testament, the sacrificial system was a crucial step in being able to have contact with God. But thanks to the death of Christ, God fulfilled His covenant on our behalf removing the need for any further sacrifices. Join Tony Evans as he discusses the act of taking communion in remembrance of His sacrifice, as well as how communion is so much more than just taking bread and drinking from a cup.

#4 – Taking Covenants Seriously (Malachi 2:1-9): Covenants were originally created to enhance your life and progress you in your spiritual success. But there are too many Christians today living under the wrong, older covenant because they lack knowledge of the new. In this lesson on taking covenants seriously, Tony Evans covers the five main factors that make up a covenant as he discusses the New Covenant we have been given in Christ.

#5 – Taking Marriage Seriously (Malachi 2:10-17): Many marriages today take place because two parties want to become happy. But Tony Evans says that happiness should be the result from marriage, not the purpose. In this lesson, discover the true purpose of marriage as well as what the Bible has to say about legitimate and illegitimate divorce.

#6 – Taking Judgments Seriously (Malachi 3:1-7): Sometimes it feels like God’s blessings and goodness are far away, but this may be a result of us choosing to operate outside of God’s divine covenant. In those moments, God is not freed up to bring us blessings until He judges the things in us that shouldn’t belong. Learn more about God’s corrective efforts that make us uncomfortable enough to set our priorities straight in this lesson on taking judgments seriously.

#7 – Taking Giving Seriously (Malachi 3:8-12): Did you know the average Christian in America only gives about three percent of their income to God? But if the Bible says that the first tenth of what God provides us does not even belong to us, are we really stealing by keeping our own money? In this lesson on taking giving seriously, Tony Evans covers what the Bible has to say about tithing, along with the ways that tithing and giving an offering aren’t necessarily the same thing.

#8 – Taking Reverence Seriously (Malachi 3:13-18): Are you a Christian wondering why you don’t experience the power of God that you hear about in church each week? Tony Evans says that may be because you’re not taking God seriously. God doesn’t want to be treated like a spare tire—something sitting in your trunk until your circumstances go flat; He wants a relationship. In this lesson on reverence, learn more about the concept of the fear of the Lord that can save you from the troubles that life brings your way.

#9 – Taking Sovereignty Seriously (Malachi 4:1-4): When we talk about God’s sovereignty, it means that God rules, controls and governs all things. But if God controls all things, how can there be so much chaos and confusion in the world? Learn how the sovereignty of God doesn’t necessarily mean things won’t go wrong, but that God is always able to deliver above and beyond your expectations in the midst of your hopeless circumstances.

#10 – Taking Fatherhood Seriously (Malachi 4:5-6): In the Bible, it was the father’s responsibility to pass on the covenant he had with God to the next generation. But we live in a day and age where children are spending more time with their mothers than with their fathers. In this lesson, Tony Evans discusses the crucial role of fatherhood that God appointed for men to lay the groundwork for their children to follow, as well as the consequences that can occur when this fails to happ